Marketing Campaigns

Fall 2012 TV Ad Campaign on Global & Cable Stations

(Nov 5/12) – Starting November 5, three TV advertisements featuring Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) were launched in Alberta on GlobalTV and select cable stations during primetime. The ads, developed by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA), presents real LPNs on the job in the operating room, emergency room, and seniors’ care. The campaign shares the message of the competent, committed care LPNs deliver throughout health care every day.

The three 30-second ads are watchable throughout Alberta on the news hours on both Global Edmonton and Global Calgary and during prime time on such Cable Networks as CNN, A&E, TLC, Peachtree, and AMC. The ads will run over 618 times throughout the four-week campaign. The Global Alberta broadcasts alone result in 5.8 million viewer impressions.

This is the second set of TV ads from the CLPNA in 2012. The first set were broadcast in May 2012.

Behind-the-scenes details of the ad filming process were shared on the CLPNA’s Facebook page in September and October. Ads were filmed in studio and on location.

CLPNA thanks all LPNs who participated in the casting call and volunteered their time to make this project possible.

2012 Marketing Campaign – “The Practical Solution”


PLAYER 4 final

(May 2/12) – In May 2012, CLPNA launches a major media campaign to highlight the value and role of the Licensed Practical Nurse. This campaign reinforces the message of the competent, committed care LPNs deliver throughout health care every day.

The campaign involves two projects each targeting a different audience: Televised messages examining competence, experience, and collaboration from the voice of an LPN and Physician; and a video with a manager and administrator focus related to the practical value of LPNs as part of the team.

The televised messages (four 30-second advertisements) with Global Alberta, launches May 2 and includes prime US networks, ensuring coverage to the 4-corners of the province. With cost effective programming, there is a focus on news hours in both Global Edmonton and Global Calgary and 100% prime time on such US Cable Networks as A&E, Peachtree, CNN, Spike, and TLC. Four similar, yet unique ads will run over 760 times throughout the five-week campaign. The Global Alberta viewings alone result in over 6 million impressions.

Additionally, CLPNA Executive Director Linda Stanger appears on Global Morning News at 6:40 a.m. on Tuesday May 8, to discuss Licensed Practical Nurses and collaborative practice during National Nursing Week. Tune in or watch for the video clip here.

"Practical Solution" Video

The“Practical Solution” video launches May 7 through social media and directed emails to members and stakeholders. Viewers are encouraged share the message with others who may not understand the value of the LPN. Total views and impressions for the video is depend on how it is shared by viewers.

GlobalTV Alberta Ads:



2009 Marketing Campaign


(May 1/09) – Starting May 4, 2009, 18-24 year-old women throughout Alberta will learn that being an LPN is the right career for them. In fact, our campaign will be reaching our audience hundreds of thousands of times! We have chosen specific media that our research tells us will reach the largest number of young women, the most often.

We know that young women in our audience listen to 11 hours of radio each week. We’ve developed the following two spots to help them recognize that they have exactly what it takes to be an LPN.

Five weeks of radio will be running on the following stations:
Edmonton Sonic, The Bounce, CISN, and The Bear
Calgary The VIBE, Country 105, x92, Energy 105
Grande Prairie Q99 and Big Country XX
Lac La Biche Big Dog 103.5
Lethbridge Country 95.5, B-93, Rock 106
Slave Lake The Fox 92.7
Peace Country KIX106

We know that our young audience also spends more than 15 hours per week online.That’s why we are also launching six weeks of advertising in many online places that are specifically targeting Alberta and our age group.

Our online ads will be at the following places:
Facebook, Glam Media network—throughout the network and specifically on Entertainment Channel, Style Channel, Health Channel
MochaSofa—throughout the network and specifically on UpTrend Media (, Everyday Health, LaineyGossip, Buzznet, Universal Music)

We’ve also launched a special micro-site for the campaign that will provide all the key information we think someone would be looking for if they were thinking about starting a career as an LPN. It doesn’t replace our web site, in fact the new micro-site links to our existing site. But it creates a seamless destination from the radio and online advertising and also has a section on where potential LPNs can take their education.

Click here to visit our new microsite.