Legislation, Practice & Policy

The following are shortcuts to the most important legal and policy documents for Licensed Practical Nurses in Alberta, Canada:

VIDEO – LPN Practice: History, Education & Authority in Alberta, Canada



Provincial Legislation

Federal Legislation

Privacy Legislation

Occupational Health and Safety

Other Provincial Legislation



Standards of Practice & Code of Ethics

The CLPNA adopted the Canadian Council of Practical Nurse Regulator’s (CCPNR) Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics, and Entry to Practice Competencies as the documents required under the Health Professions Act on June 3, 2013.

VIDEO – Code of Ethics & Standards of Practice: Licensed Practical Nurses in Alberta, Canada

Requisite Skills and Abilities

Requisite Skills and Abilities identifies the essential requirements necessary for an individual to meet the demands of a career as an LPN in Canada.

Competency Profile for Licensed Practical Nurses

Competency documents outline the knowledge, skills, judgments and attributes required of an LPN at entry into the profession to practice safely, competently and ethically in a designated role or setting. More at Competency Profile for LPNs.

The following updates have been made to the Competency Profile for LPNs, 3rd Edition (2015):

Archive Documents

Continuing Competency Program

Continuing Competency Program (CCP) is a formal system mandated by the Health Professions Act (HPA) of assessing, monitoring, and reporting on the knowledge, skills, attitudes and critical judgments of a professional health care provider.

There are several new and updated documents to support Licensed Practical Nurses in understanding and applying the principles of CCP:

Practice Policies

Practice Policies outlines the expectations and conditions for a nurse to be considered eligible for entry into the profession, for registration, and to legally practice nursing in Alberta.



Interpretive Documents

Interpretive Documents promote clarity and understanding of legislation, regulation by-laws, and legalities that govern nursing.

Practice Statements

Practice Guideline

Practice Guidelines are based on the best available evidence designed to assist healthcare professionals with decisions about appropriate practices for specific clinical situations.

VIDEO – Professional Practice for Licensed Practical Nurses in Leadership Roles – Supervising Health Care Aides

Fact Sheet

Fact Sheets inform on topics relevant to workplace issues and nursing practice.

Discussion Paper

Discussion Papers analyze an issue in nursing or healthcare with the aim to inform future directions, next steps or political action.

Position Statement

Position Statements highlight the regulatory organization’s interpretation, stand or view on a particular nursing or healthcare issue and guides nursing behaviour.

White Paper

White Papers explain research on a specific issue and proposes, or lays out, a plan of action.

Research and Resources

Research and Resources link to relevant websites and best evidence articles that strengthen nursing knowledge and evidence-informed practice.


Infection Prevention and Control (IPC)


CLPNA Publications

Publications are documents produced by the CLPNA, such as Annual Reports, Strategic Plans, CARE magazine, and Career Guide.

Annual Reports


2016 Annual Report


2015 Annual Report

Strategic Plans

CARE Magazine

CARE Magazine is CLPNA’s quarterly member’s publication regarding nursing practice, regulation, and news.

See also CARE Magazine Advertising.

Alberta LPN Career Guide


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