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Our magazine, CARE, supplies timely and relevant information regarding nursing practice, regulation, indisciplinary teams, provincial and national news to Licensed Practical Nurses, their employers, their educators and many more.

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Summer 2017 (Vol 31 Issue 2) (released June 22, 2017)

In this issue: Licensed Practical Nurses having “Big Success in a Small Setting”, find out why tiny Two Hills is a hotspot for nursing achievement and opportunity. 5 things we wish all nurses knew about suicide. Educating your patience on immunization. Research: A systemic review of published articles on infection control in Canada. LPN Awards of Excellence. A recap of the 2017 CLPNA AGM & Conference. And the Operations Room, news for CLPNA members.

Spring 2017 (Vol 31 Issue 1) (released April 25, 2017)

In this issue: Three Medical professionals cross the globe and become Licensed Practical Nurses in Alberta in our feature story, “A Brave New World”. A new way of looking at Pressure Injuries. Reclaiming Dignity in Healthcare: Small Gestures of Caring. Advancing policy to optimize the role of the Licensed Practical Nurse. RESEARCH: LPNs more effective with well-informed managers. Why rehabilitation must be part of acute care. Looking to boost your nursing competence? And the Operations Room, news for CLPNA members. 


Winter 2016 (Vol 30 Issue 4) (released December 21/16)

In this issue: An award-winning young Licensed Practical Nurse wears many hats in her quest to keep learning and building community while staying true to her rural roots in our feature article, “Rise. And Shine.” Also: A Heart to Help Others: LPN Aboard the Africa Mercy Ship. 2017 Conference celebrates 70 years of LPN profession. Award-Winning Canadian Website a Favourite of Nurses. More Than a Bad Day: Recognizing and changing workplace abuse. Research: Connecting with People with Dementia. Trauma-Informed Care in a Healthcare Setting. 

Fall 2016 (Vol 30 Issue 3) (released September 22/16)

In this issue: “Trust comes first in pediatric home care” shows Licensed Practical Nurses providing both complex bedside care and strong management skills behind the scenes at CareGivers Home Health Care in Edmonton. 10 Facts about Dementia. Alberta LPN Regulation changes proposed. Life expectancy for First Nations people in Alberta. Delirium management and prevention. Apps for today’s nurses. 2017 Registration Renewal notice. Medical Assistance in Dying. LPN’s refusal to participate in Hearing results in penalty. 

Summer 2016 (Vol 30 Issue 2) (released July 6/16)

In this issue: Tradition and technology, plus a focus on treating the whole person, work together to make southern Alberta's Siksika Health and Wellness Centre special, in our feature story “A Nation of Firsts”. Medically Unexplained Symptoms: The nurse's important role in recognizing connections between stress and illness. Mentorship Program launches. CLPNA 2016 AGM & Conference Recap and LPN Awards of Excellence. Refresh your back injury prevention habits this summer. Tips on sharing unexpected health news with clients and their families. Apps for Today's Nurses. The Elephant in the Room: Managing difficult conversations.

Spring 2016 (Vol 30 Issue 1) (released Mar 30/16)

In this issue: “A Different Kind of Nursing: HIV North” Executive Director of HIV North, Susan Belcourt, LPN, leads a community of nurses whose goal is to educate and save lives in Northern Alberta. “Caring for caregivers” – Alberta Caregivers Association helps educate care providers. Things Need to Change with co-worker abuse. Innovating to breakdown intraprofessional barriers in nursing education. 10 tips to help older adults sleep at night. Technology: Mobile x-ray unit focuses on patient care.


Winter 2015 (Vol 29 Issue 4) (released Dec 18/15)

In this issue: “LPNs Shine in the OR.” – Licensed Practical Nurses find room to grow and excel in the operating rooms at the University of Alberta Hospital and the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute. Health system of tomorrow unveiled at CLPNA Think Tank. “Changing Lives in Ecuador”. Planning your path with the new Career Infusion Portal. Research: Can decreasing antipsychotic use lead to growth in mental and emotional health? Technology: Vein viewing technology lights the way. Embracing a multi-generational workforce.

Fall 2015 (Vol 29 Issue 3) (released Sept 23/15)

In this issue: “Well. Within Reach.” – The Cardston Clinic is warm, welcoming and focused on preventative patient care. LPNs are a big part of the success of this community-centred clinic. “Dementia innovator sees key role for LPNs” interviews Dr. David Sheard. New Competency Profile for LPNs, 3rd Edition, tied to 2016 Registration Renewal. “Document evidence: It’s your best defense”. “Cancer & exercise: Living longer, living better”.

Summer 2015 (Vol 29 Issue 2) (released Jun 22/15)

In this issue: “Zero to 100” – The team at Grande Prairie’s Queen Elizabeth II Hospital embraces change to meet the challenges of an exceptionally busy Emergency Department. “Work Smart with Client Information Technology”. A summary of CLPNA’s Annual General Meeting and Conference. Licensed Practical Nurse Awards of Excellence. Legal Issues in Nursing: “Infection Control & Equipment Errors.

Spring 2015 (Vol 29 Issue 1) (released Mar 27/15)

In this issue: “Blood Relations” – A Calgary hematology clinic is reaping the benefits of one Licensed Practical Nurse’s initiative to do more for patients and staff. Research: Does exercise help dementia? Profile: From childhood cancer to nursing. Watch Your Language: Accurate nursing documentation approaches. Technology: Digital health tools making a difference.


Winter 2014 (Vol 28 Issue 4) (released Dec 16/14)

In this issue: The story of a Calgary Licensed Practical Nurse whose son is diagnosed with a complex heart condition. Mobile technology is finding its way into more nursing workplaces. Will it make your job easier? Legal issues for nurses: What are your responsibilities in assessment? New video on supervising Health Care Aides. Nominations open for LPN Awards of Excellence.

Fall 2014 (Vol 28 Issue 3) (released Sept 22/14)

In this issue: A unique home visit model of care is making life easier for palliative and geriatric patients in the Edmonton area. Does poor communications lead to legal issues for nurses? Myth-busted!: People living with mental illness never really recover. Changing people, changing places – Alberta’s aging population. And, for members, guidance about annual Registration Renewal.

Summer 2014 (Vol 28 Issue 2) (released Jun 25/14)

In this issue: Nursing mentorship and teamwork help build a ‘magnet’ unit at Red Deer Regional Hospital’s Unit 31 with Licensed Practical Nurses relishing their role as Nurse Education Coaches. More about CLPNA’s ten-year Strategic Plan. LPN Awards of Excellence celebrate the best in nursing practice, leadership and education. One family’s special LPN connection.

Spring 2014 (Vol 28 Issue 1) (released Mar 17/14)

In this issue: To find the fullest role for Alberta LPNs in public health, look north to Fort McMurray. Canadian health care myths are challenged by evidence in “Myth Busted!”. Are you a target of “Workplace Bullying”? Also, the costs of tired nurses.


Winter 2013 (Vol 27 Issue 4) (released Dec 18/13)

In this issue of CARE: "One of the most advanced (LPN roles) in Alberta, if not Canada." Read how Licensed Practical Nurses in the Neurosciences ICU step down unit at Foothills Medical Centre in Calgary use teamwork to be on the leading edge. Also: How do LPNs measure up in nursing workforce levels in Alberta? Co-Worker Abuse is a psychological hazard in the workplace.

Fall 2013 (Vol 27 Issue 3) (released Sept 20/13)

In this issue: How does a Licensed Practical Nurse’s “Holistic Cultural Care” (customs, language, relationship and way of life) impact a First Nations community in northeastern Alberta? Our opinion on Alberta Health Services’ staff mix changes. A comprehensive checklist to assigning care to Health Care Aides. Bringing awareness to mental injury in the workplace. Guidance on the 2014 Registration Renewal process.

Summer 2013 (Vol 27 Issue 2) (released Jun 24/13)

In this issue of CARE: “Rest in Peace” shares the commitment of LPNs at Red Deer Hospice. Announcing the CLPNA’s adoption of new national Standards of Practice, Code of Ethics and more. The amazing accomplishments of the 2013 LPN Awards of Excellence winners. Summary of the Spring Conference in Banff.

Spring 2013 (Vol 27 Issue 1) (released Mar 15/13)

In this issue of CARE: Rural nursing blends challenges with remarkable practice opportunities in “Rural Care: It’s Personal”. New Alberta LPN research revealed on “LPN Full Scope of Practice”. A national nursing report shows “Untapped Potential for LPNs”. Celebrating National Nursing Week.


Winter 2012 (Vol 26 Issue 4) (released Dec 18/12)

In this issue of CARE: “The Northern Advantage” depicts the challenges and successes of delivering nursing education in rural, northern Alberta. “Using Humor” challenges perceptions in order to handle stress better. A pictorial spread “Behind The Scenes” at our Fall TV Ad Campaign. Answering the “Top 9 Questions” from our recent Communications Survey.

Fall 2012 (Vol 26 Issue 3) (released Sept 15/12)

In this issue of CARE: “Out of Africa: An LPNs Story” showcases a young woman’s desire to be a nurse, provide care, and shine with compassion in the most difficult circumstances. “Doing Stress Well” shares practical examples to overcome. CLPNA welcomes a new Council President. Also included is the 2013 Registration Renewal Guide.

Summer 2012 (Vol 26 Issue 2) (released June 30/12)

“Head, Heart and Hands-On Leadership” demonstrates the leadership philosophies that influence the entire healthcare team at Lifestyle Options, an assisted living facility in the Edmonton area. A summary of the CLPNA’s 2012 Spring Conference. The recipients of the Awards of Excellence for Alberta’s Licensed Practical Nurses. New marketing campaign launched featuring television ads and shareable web video. A profile of the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta.

Spring 2012 (Vol 26 Issue 1) (released Mar 15/12)

Discover how Covenant Health is successfully reaching the spirit of collaborative healthcare within a beautiful new facility in Lethbridge, Alberta. Preview our Conference Keynote Speaker’s addresses from Kathleen Bartholemew, Michelle Cederberg and Ron Culberson. Also, a Q&A with Brenda Huband, Senior VP Calgary Zone, Alberta Health Services. 


Winter 2011 (Vol 25 Issue 4) (released Dec 15/11)

Surrounded by poverty and addiction, Streetworks’ nurses care for their clients as someone’s son or daughter in downtown Edmonton, Alberta, in “It’s About The People: Inner City Nursing”. Nursing documentation is rethought in “Charting the Case”. And a Q&A interview with Alberta Health Services’ Chief Nursing Officer, Deb Gordon. Also, CLPNA 2012 Spring Conference info! 

Fall 2011 (Vol 25 Issue 3) (released Sep 15/11)

Nursing leadership and collaboration at Okotoks Health and Wellness Centre in southern Alberta is showcased. Nursing team dynamics are examined in an applied research study of LPNs and key leaders. Also included is a description of the National Interprofessional Competency Framework and the 2012 Registration Renewal Guide.

Articles with References: 
"A Collaborative Practice Strategy: Alberta is Ready!" (PDF) by Linda L. Stanger, CLPNA Executive Director, & Hugh Pedersen, CLPNA President
Nursing Team Dynamics: Communication, Culture, Collaboration by Teresa Bateman, LPN, MA (Candidate)

Summer 2011 (Vol 25 Issue 2) (released Jun 16/11)

In the Summer issue of CARE magazine: Hear firsthand from the team who changed the LPN role at University of Alberta Hospital. Discover the "Magic Moments" in healthcare with popular Conference speaker Donna Devlin, and read the Conference recap. And, all about the CLPNA / Bow Valley College Research Study.

Spring 2011 (Vol 25 Issue 1) (released Mar 15/11)

A pioneering approach to community mental health in High River, Alberta is featured in the Spring issue of CARE magazine. Patient centered leadership is discussed in a new feature, “Leading on the Front Lines.”  Hear from CLPNA on the value of research in the Executive Message, “Evidence? What Evidence?” Also, what do national nursing statistics show about Alberta’s LPNs? 


Winter 2010 (Vol 24 Issue 3) (released Dec 15/10)

The clinical side of Practical Nurse education at Bow Valley College in “Ready to Grad”. Other features: ‘Evidence-Based Practice’ is explained; the ‘ABCs of Effective Palliative Advocacy’; and a profile on Registered Psychiatric Nurses. Catch the first Conduct Matters article, ‘A Breach of Ethics’ in the member’s section, The Operations Room. 

Fall 2010 (Vol 24 Issue 2) (released Sept 1/10)

Insight into the roles of practical nurse educators at Edmonton’s NorQuest College are featured “Win-Win: Education Infused with Collaboration”. Details about the NEW Online Registration Renewal process for 2011. Also: “A Look at Addiction: One LPNs Story” and “Safety Net: Fatigue and Interruption”.

Article with References:
Effects of Fatigue and Interruption (PDF) By Linda Nykolyn, R.N., BScN

Spring 2010 (Vol 24 Issue 1) (released May 1/10)

Dialysis nursing at the Northern and Southern Alberta Renal Programs is the cover story in “Lifeblood”. Other features: an LPN’s account of nursing in Haiti after the January earthquake; what you need to know about addiction; and the results of the CLPNA’s Nursing Values Survey.


Volume 23, Issue 4, Winter 2009

Feature: “Myth Busting: Proven Dynamics in Geriatric Care” featuring continuing care environments in Edmonton, Alberta. “Pandemic Influenza and You”; new support available. A family of nurses in “Metis Dreams”. Spring Conference 2010.

Volume 23, Issue 3, Fall 2009

A hospital nursing unit shows innovation at Peter Lougheed Centre in Calgary, Alberta. Mental health nursing in the 21st Century. “Do Bugs Need Drugs?”: Preparing for H1N1 and beyond. 2010 Registration Renewal Guide.

Volume 23, Issue 2, Summer 2009

“Hushed Drama: Life in the OR” showcases the Licensed Practical Nurse role as a scrub or circulating operating room nurse. Health Minister Ron Liepert addresses LPNs about “year of progress”. “Future Shock: The Changing Face of Healthcare” discusses aboriginal initiatives.

Volume 23, Issue 1, Spring 2009

“Care in the Air” – Nursing practice with emergency services education prepares a multi-skilled provider who can care at a new altitude. “Future Shock? The Changing Face of Healthcare.” Enhancing nursing job effectiveness through job redesign.


Volume 22, Issue 4, Winter 2008

LPNs breaking barriers in the Emergency Room of Foothills Medical Centre, news about the CLPNA’s 2009 Spring Conference, and a special message to LPNs from the Minister of Health & Wellness.

Volume 22, Issue 3, Fall 2008

A profile of a trucker turned LPN (“Changing Gears”), advice on disclosure of confidential patient information to police (“Should Health Care Professionals Heal or Squeal?”), and an inspiring personal story from Le-Anne Thieman, LPN and co-author of Chicken Soup for the Nurses’ Soul.

Volume 22, Issue 2, Summer 2008

Experience the spirit and uniqueness of a northern rural hospital in “Northern Exposure”. CLPNA launches a new brand! Charting, a legal perspective. Plus, a revealing look at body language.    

Volume 22, Issue 1, Spring 2008

Oh Canada, “Alberta Competency Profile Unites LPNs from East & West”. For member review: The draft LPN Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. Inspired nursing at the 2008 CLPNA Spring Conference.


Volume 21, Issue 4, Winter 2007

Prairie College Brings New Perspective to LPN Education in “The Nurse’s ‘Calling’: Blending the Spirit of Faith and Science”. Celebrating the LPN profession with “60 Years of Progress… a Bold Future Ahead”. “Unsafe Abbreviations” in charting.

Volume 21, Issue 3, Fall 2007

“Questions? Results. Action!” 2007 Member Survey results revealed. CLPNA joins government labour recruitment mission to Korea. An LPN journeys to India in “Faces from the Front Lines”.

Volume 21, Issue 2, Summer 2007

Recognizing rural health care in Alberta. Awards celebrate excellence in LPN practice. NurseONE online resource coming soon. Rural Bursaries attract students into health care. Highlights from 2007 CLPNA Spring Conference. 

Volume 21, Issue 1, Spring 2007

Interprofessional Simulation Project strengthens learning of LPN and RN students. NorQuest College prepares international educated nurses for Canadian hospitals. Alberta graduates rate high nationally. All about the Alberta Nursing Knowledge and Education Project (KEP). 


Volume 20, Issue 3, Fall 2006

$3.3M endowment for LPN education through new grant program. Diploma program approved for LPNs. Interview with Vi Smith from Bow Valley College. “Taken Abroad” shares a practical nurse student’s experiences of learning from Japan.