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Continuing Competency Program Validation (CCPV)

Continuing Competency Program Validation (CCPV) monitors Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) participation in CLPNA’s Continuing Competency Program (CCP). CCPV ensures accountability through assessment of the validity of a member’s CCP documents. CCPV also assesses how and if the Licensed Practical Nurse transferred their learning into practice.

Licensed Practical Nurses are selected to participate at random, and are required to provide proof of completion of their learning by completing the CCPV process. It is CLPNA’s goal that each Licensed Practical Nurse is selected to participate in the CCPV process at least once every five years. The CCPV selection is random, so it is possible that a member may be selected every two years.

CCPV provides a learning opportunity for Licensed Practical Nurses, as it assists the member in understanding how annual learning positively impacts ones nursing practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does CLPNA have a CCPV?

Licensed Practical Nurse participation in the CCPV is a mandatory part of registration with CLPNA under the Health Professions Act (HPA), Licensed Practical Nurse Alberta Regulation 2003, sections 22 (1-3), 23 (1-2).  “Unprofessional conduct” is specifically defined in s.1(1)(pp) of the HPA to include the failure or refusal to comply with a continuing competency program. Accordingly, information regarding failure to comply with a continuing competency program may be forwarded to CLPNA’s Complaints Director and may be treated as a complaint under part IV of the HPA. In addition, if a Licensed Practical Nurse wishes to renew their Practice Permit with the CLPNA for the coming registration year, non-compliance with CCPV will be considered by the Registrar or the Registration and Competence Committee at the time of renewal.

Can I renew my Practice Permit if I don’t complete CCPV?

Pursuant to 40(2)(c) of the HPA, if a Licensed Practical Nurse submits application for renewal of CLPNA registration prior to December 31,  they will not be provided with a Practice Permit on January 1 until CCPV requirements are met. After January 1, if the Licensed Practical Nurse has not submitted application for renewal of Practice Permit, registration is suspended and they are not authorized to practice as an LPN, pursuant to s. 39 of the HPA. The Licensed Practical Nurse must submit a complete application for a Practice Permit, a Reinstatement Fee, and CCPV requirements before February 1. With failure to do so, the Registrar may cancel their Practice Permit and registration, and the Registrar will do so without further notice pursuant to Section 43 of the HPA.

How do I complete the CCPV?

Members chosen to participate in the CCPV receive notification and instructions via email and/or mail.

  • STEP 1 (COMING SOON) – WATCH the video “Continuing Competency Profile and CCP Validation Made Easy (2016)” (above)
  • STEP 3 – GATHER all of your learning records (ie. certificates, attendance records, the Record of Professional Activities (PDF), etc, for 2014 and 2015 prior to beginning the online CCPV.
    • NOTE: If you do not have formal learning records (ie. certificates, attendance records, etc.), document your learning on the Record of Professional Activities.
    • TIP: The Record of Professional Activities can be used to track your learning activities as you complete them.


Where do I find my Continuing Competency Learning Plans for 2014 and 2015?

  1. CLICK ON “
  2. TYPE IN your UserID and Password.
    1. Your UserID is your CLPNA Registration Number.
    2. Can’t remember your Password? Select “Click here if you forgot your password” for it to be emailed to you.
  3. CLICK on “View Profile” and scroll down to “Continuing Competence Program Learning Objectives”.

How many Learning Objectives are required per year for CCPV?

It is mandatory to report on the learning objectives you verified you completed for the previous two years.  For CCPV participants in 2016, you will be required to report on the learning objectives you verified that you completed for 2014 and 2015.

What is valid for Verification of Learning Records / Proof of Learning?

Verification can include any of the following:

What is the Record of Professional Activities form and when should I use it?

A Record of Professional Activities form is used to record your learning.  It is especially useful for recording informal or self-directed learning such as peer-reviewed journal articles, internet research, textbook readings, etc.

If you do not receive formal documentation when you complete a learning activity (i.e. certificate, attendance record, or other document that you obtain for attending/completing a course, seminar or workshop) record your learning in detail on the Record of Professional Activities form.  CLPNA recommends that you use the Record of Professional Activities form to record all of your learning activities.  This form can then be kept with your formal documentation as part of your Professional Portfolio.


Record of Professional Activities-Example May 2014


How do I “Describe the Impact” of my learning on my practice?

The “Describe Impact” field in the online CCPV is where you explain and give example(s) of how your completed learning has influenced, impacted and enhanced your practice.

Provide a detailed evaluation of your learning:

  • Why did you choose this learning objective?
  • What did you learn?
  • How has the learning changed the way you think and behave in your practice?
  • How will the learning affect your practice in the future?

If you “partially completed” a learning objective, answer the above questions based on the learning you completed during the year you are reporting for. The example Record of Professional Activities above shows how to report on a partially completed learning objective. In this case, the objective was a course that was originally scheduled for the year being reported on but was rescheduled to the next year. The member reported on the learning that was completed in the year the objective was included in the learning plan.  This objective could be used again in next years learning plan as new learning will occur when the course is completed.

It is mandatory to complete a minimum of two (2) learning objectives per year.  CLPNA recommends that you assess, evaluate and revise your learning plan throughout the year to meet this goal. Once you have entered your learning plan you can review and revise it anytime throughout the year by logging into your members area at ””. Learning plans can be changed until completion of annual online Registration Renewal.

What are some examples of learning/educational activities?

  • In-service education or training
  • Formal continuing education courses
  • Courses leading to a degree or diploma
  • Distance education
  • Lectures
  • Technical training
  • Certificate training courses
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Workshops
  • Staff training
  • Teleconferences, Video conferences
  • Involvement in research
  • Internet research and learning
  • Teaching or lecturing in formal courses
  • Attendance at nursing rounds
  • Reading relevant journal articles, newsletters
  • Certification related to the performance of a specific procedure or type of equipment
  • Participation in Committee work
  • Preceptoring and Mentoring students and new staff
  • Observation/Buddy experience with other health care professionals

The above list is not exhaustive. Many other learning/educational activities may also be acceptable.

Questions regarding CCPV? Contact CLPNA’s Professional Development Consultants at, 780-484-8886 or 1-800-661-5877 (Toll Free in Alberta).