Submission rates up for CCP Validation; deadline Aug 6


Submission rates are up this year for the 1634 CLPNA members participating in Continuing Competency Program Validation (CCPV).

Participants confirm the learning they reported on their 2011 and 2012 Registration Renewal forms. Those selected for BASIC Validation answer several questions regarding their learning. Those selected for Full Validation answer the same questions and, in addition, must provide supporting documentation (certificates, attendance records, Record of Professional Activities, etc).

Participants complete CCPV process online

With 45% of participants having finished the CCPV process, the remainder have until August 6 to submit. All submissions are completed online from the member’s login at

[More about Continuing Competency Program Validation (CCPV)]

Continuing Competency Program Validation (CCPV) monitors Licensed Practical Nurse participation in CLPNA’s Continuing Competency Program (CCP). CCPV ensures accountability through assessment of the validity of a member’s CCP documents. CCPV also assesses how and if the LPN  transferred their learning into practice.

LPNs are selected at random to participate, and are required to provide proof of completion of their learning by completing the CCPV process. It is CLPNA’s goal that each LPN is selected to participate in the CCPV process at least once every five years.