Council Election results for Calgary, Edmonton, Grande Prairie areas


Two fresh and two familiar faces were voted as District Representatives to CLPNA Council over the next two years.

Newcomers Robyn Beaulieu, LPN, and Diane Larsen, LPN, will represent the Grande Prairie and Edmonton areas respectively. Linda Coatsworth, LPN, will continue representing the Calgary area, and the already announced Dieda John, LPN takes on a second term in the Fort McMurray area by acclamation.

District Representative terms begins September 1 until August 31, 2015. Immediately upon the start of the term, training in Policy Governance begins for the new Council members. The next scheduled Council meeting is on September 13.

Due to the extreme flooding that occurred in southern Alberta, the Council Election Deadline was extended to July 12 for all Districts, running from June 14-July 12. Election ballots were emailed to eligible LPNs residing in those Districts and voting took place online.

CLPNA Council Election Results

  • District 2 (Calgary & area) – Linda Coatsworth, LPN (second term)
  • District 4 (Edmonton & area) – Diane Larsen, LPN (first term)
  • District 6 (Grande Prairie & area) – Robyn Beaulieu, LPN (first term)
  • District 7 (Fort McMurray & area) – Dieda John, LPN (second term)

The Council of Governors is the governing body of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) consisting of Licensed Practical Nurses elected from each of the seven CLPNA Districts, plus the President, and three government appointed public representatives. The Council operates on a broad policy and overall planning level, determining the outcomes or “ends.” The Council does not manage day-to-day operations, or the “means” of achieving outcomes. Formally, the Council deals with College business through the Executive Director, Linda Stanger.