Next 15-20 years in Alberta nursing forecast in Think Tank report

READ - CLPNA's "Planning for the Future: What We Heard" Think Tank Report 2013“Population growth, an increasingly diverse cultural mix, more people aged 65 and older, and a greater burden of chronic disease, mental illness and dementia are all going to drive changes in the health system and how and by whom services are provided.”

That’s what the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta heard from industry experts at their “Planning for the Future Think Tank” in December. The CLPNA has made the resulting synopsis document and select source presentations available to their members, stakeholders and the public.

READ – CLPNA’s “Planning for the Future: What We Heard” Think Tank Report

CLPNA’s Council is using the information to create strategic direction for the profession for the next 10 years. A release is expected in Spring 2014.

Nearly 70 key leaders from government, Alberta Health Services, Covenant Health, educational colleges, licensed practical nurses, and CLPNA’s Council and staff participated in the event.

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Think Tank Presentations

Select presentations from the Think Tank are available for download as PDF’s:

1. Forecast of Future Environment

2. Response to Future Environment

3. Impact on Licensed Practical Nurses