CLPNA’s Strategic Plan sets 10 year goals for Licensed Practical Nurse profession

doc_CLPNA_Strategic_Plan_2014_300x200Addressing the future health needs of Albertans led Council members to create a ten-year Strategic Plan and three-year Business Plan for the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA).

A revised Vision, Mission, and a 3-year Business Plan integrate with CLPNA’s Mandate:

“To lead and regulate the profession in a manner that protects and services the public through excellence in Practical Nursing.”


DOWNLOAD – CLPNA’s Strategic Plan 2014 (PDF)

During the planning process, CLPNA Council scheduled public consultations and a think tank to gain understanding of current trends, forecast the future, and identify anticipated healthcare needs of the the population over the next 15-20 years. Experts from Alberta’s government, Alberta Health Services policy makers, stakeholders, Licensed Practical Nurses, employers and educators participated in the Planning for the Future think tank session and summarized in the report “Planning for the Future: What We Heard”.

Anticipating future Albertan’s healthcare needs

From the Planning for the Future session came the following:

  • Alberta’s population will have a greater percentage of the population over 65 years. Seniors’ services will be the predominant services in all sectors of healthcare including primary healthcare, home care, long-term care, mental health, acute care, and emergency services
  • The population will have an increasingly diverse cultural mix, and a greater burden of chronic disease, mental illness and dementia
  • Seniors will demand more choice in living options and health delivery modeos, and overwhelmingly prefer to live at home to receive services
  • Although the economic outlook for Alberta is positive, federal and provincial governments continue to practice a restraint policy in their budgets
  • Health organizations are expected to create new models of care to deliver services more efficiently and effectively with optimization of the scope of practice of all health professionals
  • Health professionals need to embrace technology to enhance productivity, efficiency, and address labour shortage

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The trends challenge all health professionals to respond with enhanced skills and competencies in service delivery. The CLPNA looks forward to working with all LPNs to implement the Strategic Plan.