How to complete your Learning Plan

Learning PlanEach year, as part of annual Registration Renewal, Alberta’s Licensed Practical Nurses participate in the Continuing Competency Program (CCP) by building a Learning Plan.

1. Assess your professional nursing practice

Through self-assessment and reflection, assess your professional practice using Standards of Practice and the Competency Profile for Licensed Practical Nurses. Through assessment of your current role and responsibilities, you will be able to identify personal strengths and areas in practice that you would like to strengthen.

2. Plan your learning

Prepare your Learning Plan: Based on your assessment, choose a minimum of two learning objectives that you want to complete to improve your knowledge, develop your skills and enhance your competence.

Learning Activities can include:

  • Internet research (include website addresses and article names)
  • reading of journals/books (include title of journal, article read, page numbers)
  • attendance at employer in-services, seminars, workshops, formal courses, etc.

Other suggested educational activities include:

  • In-service education or training
  • Formal continuing education courses
  • Courses leading to a degree or diploma
  • Distance education
  • Lectures
  • Technical training
  • Certificate training courses
  • Seminars
  • Conferences
  • Teleconferences, video conferences
  • Staff training
  • Workshops
  • Teaching or lecturing in formal courses
  • Attendance at nursing rounds
  • Certification in specific procedures or equipment
  • Participation in Committee work
  • Preceptoring and mentoring students

3. Implement your educational goals

  • Set a timeline for completing your Learning Plan.
  • Participate in learning at every opportunity.

Remember the following as you complete your learning plan: I have committed this year to ____________ by participating in the following learning activities: ________________________.

4. Evaluate your transfer of learning and change in nursing behavior  throughout the year

Self-reflect on your nursing practice; continuously take action by assessing how your learning has made an impact on your nursing practice.  Provide a detailed evaluation of your learning. Explain and give example(s) of how your completed learning has influenced, impacted and enhanced your practice.

  • Why did you choose this learning objective?
  • What did you learn?
  • How has this learning changed the way you think and behave in your practice?
  • How will this learning affect your practice in the future?
  • If learning is different than what you entered in your Learning Plan when you completed registration renewal, log in to your members profile and change your learning objective(s).

5. Track and record learning throughout the year

Document all your learning:

  • Complete a summary of your learning on a Record of Professional Activities.
  • Summarize your learning in a text document file on your computer.
  • Keep your learning records in an organized manner.
  • If you complete different learning, change your Learning Plan.
  • At Registration Renewal you are required to confirm your completed learning – you will be expected to report on this learning if chosen for CCP Validation.

For more info on completing a Learning Plan, contact a Practice Consultant at, 780-484-8886, or 1-800-661-5877 (toll free in Alberta).