Ebola Virus Disease guidance for Licensed Practical Nurses

ad_Ebola_300x200Though the risk to Canadians from Ebola Virus Disease is very low, the CLPNA believes Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) can best protect the public from the disease through early education and access to the latest resources.

Information on this virus is changing quickly. Stay current to stay safe.

This information will be updated as necessary.



The CLPNA expects LPNs to fulfill their professional commitment to clients, employers, and the public by providing safe, compassionate, and ethical care.

LPN’s ethical obligations regarding duty to care are addressed in the following documents:


Frequently updated Ebola Virus Disease info for health professionals, including critical care guidelines and personal protective equipment.


CLPNA Practice Consultants are available questions about LPN Competencies, Scope of Practice, Standards of Practice, Regulations, and/or clinical practice.

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