Think Tank summary report and presentations released

Think Tank 2014“What do I want when I’m old or have dementia?”

That was the challenge presented to 200 participants at the annual Think Tank hosted by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) on October 23, 2014.

Now the answer, presented by thought-leaders from Europe, Canada, and Alberta, can be read in the Think Tank Report, “Planning for the Future of Seniors’ and Dementia Care”.

READ – CLPNA’s 2014 Think Tank Report: Planning the Future of Seniors’ and Dementia Care

Additionally, all the presentations are now available for download. These may be used as part of annual learning as required by the Continuing Competency Program.

The CLPNA is using the Think Tank to support culture change within the profession and better meet the needs of LPNs as they work to provide compassionate and effective care.

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Think Tank Presentations

All presentations are available to read or download as PDFs.

  1. (NOT AVAILABLE) The Future of Nurses in Dementia Care: Lessons in culture change, care models and education
    – Dr. David Sheard, School of Health and Social Care, University of Surrey
    – WATCH a similar presentation by David: “Feelings Matter Most – Dementia Care Matters”
  2. Caring for the Elderly the Danish Way (PDF)
    – Eva Pederson, Director of Policy, Aging Division, Ministry of Social Affairs, Government of Denmark
  3. A Vision and the Outcome – De Hogeweyk (The Dementia Village) (PDF)
    – Eloy van Hal, Facility Manager, De Hogeweyk (The Dementia Village)
  4. Rising Tide of Dementia in Alberta – Innovative approaches for supporting providers and families (PDF) 
    – Christene Gordon, Director, Client Services and Programs, Alzheimer’s Society of Alberta and Northwest Territories
  5. Seniors Care, Dementia and Innovation (PDF)
    – Dr. Lili Liu, Professor, Rehabilitation Faculty, University of Alberta
  6. AHS Plan for Improvement and Innovation for the Health System (PDF)
    – Isabel Henderson and Nancy Guebert, Co-Leads, AHS Continuing Care Resolution Team
  7. Evening Workshop Facilitation Notes
    – Vivien Lai, Health Care Consultant