Get on a more effective path at the CLPNA’s AGM & Conference

2015 CLPNA AGM and ConferenceJoin the CLPNA in Banff this Spring to strengthen your understanding of how to develop authentic patient relationships in-person and online at the 2015 CLPNA Annual General Meeting & Conference.

CLPNA members, apply to receive $150 off your Conference registration fee through an education grant. See the Registration page for complete info.

Leader of One: How to be More Effective at Work and Life – Hugh Culver

We are working in a time of distraction: endless e-mails, back-to-back meetings, interruptions, and growing work demands take their toll. This exciting keynote presents strategies for cutting through the busy-ness to identify and focus on what really matters in work and in life.

With his unique, high energy approach and proven insights, author and entrepreneur Hugh Culver shows you how to get more leverage and bigger results by Thinking, Planning, and Acting more effectively in the Age of Distraction.

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Trauma Informed Care – Vicki Enns

Working with people inevitably means working with the impact of psychological trauma, and because trauma is pervasive, it’s important that all health professionals understand the links between trauma and a person’s mental and physical health, ways of interacting with others and coping behaviours.

Working from a trauma-informed perspective creates the necessary foundation for an organizational culture that protects health professionals from burnout and vicarious trauma, promotes the safety and health of patients, and allows the possibility of growth and transformation of trauma into greater mental, physical and relational health.


For more, see the 2015 CLPNA Annual General Meeting & Conference.