Radio ads share LPN professionalism with everyday Albertans

ad_Radio_Ads_On_the_Air_600x400Two radio ads focused on the professionalism of Licensed Practical Nurses are running in Calgary and Edmonton from April 13 – May 10, 2015.

Created by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA), the ads speak to everyday people faced with loved ones in need of care. Those who rely on the knowledge and compassion of LPNs each day.

One 30-second commercial features LPNs in an acute care setting in hospital, the other in dementia care. Seven stations across diverse genres are broadcasting the ads, including powerhouse 630 CHED.

The ads help meet the CLPNA’s Strategic Plan goal to “enhance communication and public awareness strategies to inform stakeholders of the competencies of the LPN”.

Listen to our Radio Ads

LPNs nursing Mom with dementia

LPNs nursing hospitalized Dad


STATION                        FORMAT
630 CHED Talk (CORUS)
CISN Country (CISNFM) Country (CORUS)
CALGARY XL 103.1 (CFXLFM) Classic Hits (NEWCAP)
95.9 KISS (CHFMFM) Adult Contemporary (ROGERS)
COUNTRY 105 (CKRY) Country (CORUS)
660 NEWS Talk (ROGERS)

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7 Responses to “Radio ads share LPN professionalism with everyday Albertans”

  1. We need to communicate better undersatnding to what LPN’s do.Espically the Ad on walking pt’s which is actually embarrasing when I heard this Ad.The public thinks we do very little and not much knowledge as far as actual full nursing scope.The public needs to be better informed to what we really do and can do for pt’s when it comes to our skills.

    • Thank you for your comment. As you know, only so much can be said in 30 seconds. We appreciate your feedback and will consider your response in future initiatives.

  2. I was sitting in my Dr’s office and heard the ad for hospitalized dad for the first time today. I was so embarrassed!! When I think of the duties I have performed since LPN’s have been given full scope, walking a patient is by far the least of my skills. I feel that this ad degrades the LPN’s skills and contribution to the Nursing profession as portrayed to the public. This ad does little to educate the public on what LPN’s responsibilities really are.

    • Thank you for your comment. We hope you can appreciate that only 30 seconds to explain the depth of LPN scope is difficult. We appreciate your feedback and will consider your response in future initiatives. We also hope you heard the other ad focused on dementia care.

  3. A few words can say alot,these ADS in 30 seconds can be directed with more intense direction,RN’s ADS have no issues in doing so by saying there the only ones that are professionals and give the care.The RN union is always back lashing in one way or another regarding LPN’s profession,nothing is ever said by our LPN profession to rectify these sayings.

  4. Congratulations on the radio ads. It is extremely difficult to communicate a wealth of information in a 30 second radio advertisement. We (LPNs) need to look at the bigger picture, walking a patient can provide a significant contribution to the plan of care i.e. opportunity to use therapeutic communication and health assessment skills to gather pertinent info about the patient.

    CLPNA – keep up the good work!