Pressure Ulcers eCourse now available at Study with CLPNA


Despite modern medicine’s advances, the lowly pressure ulcer represents a major health threat to patients with reduced mobility, chronic disease, and the elderly. It can affect mobility, nutritional intake, elimination and psychological well-being.

A comprehensive Pressure Ulcers eCourse is now available from the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) to provide nurses with the motivation,knowledge and skills to more effectively assess, prevent and treat pressure ulcers.

The online course consists of six modules, and includes pain management, repositioning, cleansing and surgery. Learning activities include 123 components, from narrated video presentations, unit quizzes, learning games / simulations, handouts, links to other resources and a choice of final examinations.

LINK – Go to the Pressure Ulcers eCourse

Scoring over 80% on the final exam results in a personalized certificate of course completion.

Course modules and exams are provided without fee as part of CLPNA’s educational strategy.

The Pressure Ulcers eCourse is available from

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5 Responses to “Pressure Ulcers eCourse now available at Study with CLPNA”

  1. Is there a time line on how long this course will be available for? also do you have a limited time to do it in?

  2. This was a fantastic course! I really enjoyed it. Lots of information, and I liked how there was different ways to help learn-audio, visual, games, and quizzes. Thanks for putting this together! It was really well done!