Month: October 2015

Editorial: From Knowledge Users to Knowledge Creators

Every day as nurses interact with patients and families, their decisions are informed by empirical evidence derived from research, supported by the wisdom of their experience and practice-based knowledge. Indeed, the hallmark of most professions is their foundation on a body of empirical knowledge that is unique to each profession. Equally important is the need…

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Advanced LPN preventative care roles in Cardston – CARE Magazine

“Well. Within Reach” is the preventative patient care focus of the Cardston Clinic, a warm, welcoming community-centred facility. LPNs in advanced roles are a big part of their success. Catch the whole story in the Fall issue of CARE magazine. More stories:

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Alberta Health Care Aide Directory under development

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA), in partnership with Alberta Health, is launching the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory. The Directory is funded by a grant from Alberta Health and will be operated separately from the CLPNA. The purpose of the Alberta HCA Directory is to provide information about Alberta’s HCAs and…

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