Alberta Health Care Aide Directory under development

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The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA), in partnership with Alberta Health, is launching the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory. The Directory is funded by a grant from Alberta Health and will be operated separately from the CLPNA.

The purpose of the Alberta HCA Directory is to provide information about Alberta’s HCAs and their attainment of core competencies. This information is important for employers, educators, and government for workforce and educational planning, and employment research. It is also important to LPNs, the profession that works closely with HCAs. The Government of Alberta is committed to having a competent and valued health care workforce. This directory is an important step towards achieving this goal and CLPNA is proud to be leading this initiative.

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  1. LPNs work closely with HCAs and having a greater awareness of the HCAs core competencies supports you in your leadership and collaboration.
  2. The CLPNA has a long history of working collaboratively with a variety of stakeholders, including government and employers.
  3. The CLPNA understands the HCA competencies and role, and has a strong track record of smooth enrollment and registration processes for its own members.

For more information about the Alberta Health Care Aide Directory, please visit the website at

One response to “Alberta Health Care Aide Directory under development”

  1. This has been a long time coming, I am so happy CLPNA is getting involved with this.