Advancing Our Strengths: CLPNA’s 2015 Annual Report released


Highlights of CLPNA’s achievements toward regulatory excellence and Council’s vision can be discovered in this year’s 2015 Annual Report.

“With our many collaborative and meaningful connections, CLPNA is… committed to exploring ways in which our profession will continue to define ‘the leading edge’ and provide value within Alberta’s evolving healthcare system.” – Message from the Executive Director, Linda Stanger, CLPNA

Executive Summary

  • 8% growth in registration to nearly 14,000 Licensed Practical Nurses in Alberta and more membership statistics.
  • Reports from new CLPNA departments for Research and Professional Development.
  • Release of Competency Profile for LPNs, 3rd Ed (2015) in June.
  • Release of new Standards for Basic Program Approval for Practical Nurse Education in March.
  • Messages from the President, Executive Director and Public Members.
  • Financial Summary.


CLPNA’s 2015 Annual Report (Issuu)


CLPNA’s 2015 Annual Report (PDF)

The report was presented by Council to members, employers and stakeholders at the Annual General Meeting on April 27, 2016 in Edmonton, Alberta.

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