LPNs to run for new 3-year Council terms in South & Central Alberta


From Lethbridge to Red Deer to Cold Lake, LPNs are invited to run for District Representative to CLPNA’s Council for a new, longer term. Over the next few years, terms of office for all District Representatives are transitioning from a 2-year term to a 3-year term. The transition plan was approved by Council within the updated Bylaws in March.

Running for Council

Interested LPNs residing in the South, South Central and North Central Election Districts must submit a Nomination Form by May 31. District Elections are held in June by electronic (email) ballot.

Council meets quarterly to plan and evaluate CLPNA’s Strategic Plan, policies and finances to achieve regulatory excellence. Successful Council members are team-oriented, servant-leaders focused on the future of the LPN profession.


According to CLPNA’s Bylaws, where you live in Alberta determines your District. Use our “Find My Election District” document to look up your town or city. Can’t find your city? Contact CLPNA at info@clpna.com for help.

DISTRICT 1: SOUTH (Lethbridge, Medicine Hat & area)


DISTRICT 5: NORTH CENTRAL (Jasper, Slave Lake, Cold Lake & area)

READ – Find My Election District (PDF)

Nomination Packages

To be eligible, LPNs must have an Active Practice Permit from CLPNA and reside in the Election District.

DOWNLOAD – Council Nomination Form (PDF)

Nomination Deadline: May 31, 2016


The Council is responsible for the overall direction of the CLPNA and, through Policy Governance, is responsible for:

The Council does not manage the day-to-day operations of the CLPNA, which is administered by the Chief Executive Officer and staff.


Characteristics of a successful Council Member include:

  • Passion about the CLPNA’s Mandate – “To lead and regulate the profession in a manner that protects and serves the public through excellence in Practical Nursing.”
  • Critical Thinker – Able to examine interpretations, evidence, and proposed decisions against existing policies to determine consistency and compliance.
  • Future Thinker – Able to see the “big picture”; can think strategically in terms of systems.
  • Servant-Leader – Willingness and ability to understand LPN / stakeholder / public perspectives and make decisions on their behalf, and to gain in-depth knowledge of the issues and implications of decisions.
  • Active Participant – Able to articulate ideas well; willing to debate in a constructive manner.
  • Commitment – Willing to devote time for meeting preparation, additional learning, and to attend all required meetings.

Attendance & Honorarium

Council members attend 1-2 day meetings every 3 months to review reports of CLPNA business and plan upcoming goals, for a total of approximately thirteen (13) days attendance per year plus any additional meetings as needed. Travel expenses and an honorarium for meeting attendance is provided.

Questions? Contact info@clpna.com, 780-484-8886 or 1-800-661-5877 (toll free in Alberta).

2 Responses to “LPNs to run for new 3-year Council terms in South & Central Alberta”

  1. I live in Cochrane, but work in Calgary. Am I eligible to put my name in for the district 3 counsel?

    • According to the CLPNA’s Bylaws, where you live in Alberta determines your District. You can look it up on our “Find My Election District” cross-reference document. If you live in Cochrane, you’re in District 2 – Calgary, which will hold an election in spring 2017.