Supporting LPNs and those affected by Fort McMurray fire


The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta is shocked and tremendously concerned, as all Albertans have, by the devastating fire and mandatory evacuation in Fort McMurray and region that has directly impacted 90,000 Albertans, including more than 120 Licensed Practical Nurses.

To support those affected, CLPNA is donating $5000 immediately to the Red Cross to support their humanitarian efforts. If you have not done so already, we encourage all LPNs to give. A special thanks to all LPNs participating in other charitable efforts.

The CLPNA will prioritize courtesy registration permits to nurses travelling to Alberta to assist with those affected by the fires.

Additionally, CLPNA is making allowances wherever needed for those members directly impacted.

Those with nursing practice inquiries may contact CLPNA’s Practice Consultants at, 780-484-8886 or 1-800-661-5877 (toll free in Alberta).

7 Responses to “Supporting LPNs and those affected by Fort McMurray fire”

  1. So proud to be an Albertan and an LPN right now! Thoughts and prayers to my LPN sisters and brothers affected by the fires, as well as all residents of Fort McMurray!

    • I have been proud to be a LPN since my gratuatiin in year 2000 in Alberta and have been working for Capital Care. I feel sad and devastated to know the wild fire demolishing Ft. MacMurray and spreading the crisis towards Sask. I will help wherever I can besides making donations. My prayers will reach to all victims, fellow LPNs there. Big thanks to all fire fighters, volunteers and organizations who have been helping along. I will take pride to be a proficient LPN.

  2. I am an Albertan through and through, and will help wherever I can. I have been tearful, not only because of the devastation, but this province makes me so proud. It is awesome to see the compassion we as Albertans/Canadians have.

  3. My heart goes out to those LPNs and families and to everyone from Fort MacMurray and area, who have been displaced by this devastating fire. Very proud of all the organizations (CLPNA included) and people of Alberta and Canada who have stepped up to help. <3

  4. The complete evacuation of a hospital is one of those scenarios nobody thinks can ever happen. A huge shout out to all of the LPN’s who have been impacted, especially those who participated in the hospital evacuation. It could not have been easy to keep sick and frightened people calm for transport. LPN’s rock!!

  5. As heartbreaking and tragic the wildfire was, the volunteering and touring around the province has been so uplifting, watching a whole country come together and help one another.

    As an LPN I would so love to work in the “Mash-like field hospital” that is currently set up in Fort Mac……what an experience that would be