How to build your Learning Plan for Registration Renewal

Each year, as part of annual Registration Renewal, Licensed Practical Nurses participate in the Continuing Competency Program (CCP) by building a Learning Plan for the coming year, and reporting on learning from the current year.

Prepare for Registration Renewal using our 5-Step Model and watching our video, “Get Ready for 2017 Registration Renewal”.

VIDEO: Get Ready for 2017 Registration Renewal

The 5-Step Model of CCP

Continuing Competency Program 5 Step Model

First, you may find it helpful to see an overview of the Continuing Competency Program from beginning to end.

Download our Guide using the links below:


  • A step-by-step CCP instruction guide.

1. Reflection and Self-Assessment

Assess your professional nursing practice.

DOWNLOAD Reflection Tool

  • A question based tool to guide self-reflection.

DOWNLOAD Self-Assessment Tool

  • A systematic template to self-assess competence using the Standards of Practice.

Through self-assessment and reflection, assess your professional practice using Standards of Practice for LPNs in Canada, Code of Ethics for LPNs in Canada and CLPNA’s Competency Profile for LPNs. Through assessment of your current role and responsibilities, you will be able to identify strengths and improve your nursing practice.

2. Planning Learning

Create your 2017 Learning Plan before beginning Registration Renewal.

DOWNLOAD Learning Plan

  • An outline of how you will manage identified learning needs you have chosen through reflection and/or self-assessment.

Develop your Learning Plan based on self-reflection and self-assessment of your nursing practice. Using the Competency Profile choose a minimum of two specific learning objectives that will guide your learning. This plan should include a strategy to improve your knowledge, develop your skills and enhance your competence.

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3. Implementing Learning in Practice

Define how you will implement your learning objectives.

Plan to participate in learning that aligns with your Learning Plan by setting a timeline for completion.

4. Ongoing Evaluation

Evaluate your 2016 learning objectives.

5. Record Keeping

Registration Renewal is the time to track and record completion of your Learning Plan for 2016.

DOWNLOAD Tracking Tool

  • Tools to evaluate what you learned and how you completed this learning. .

Keep your learning records in an organized manner. Complete a summary of your learning using your online Record of Learning or completing a Record of Professional Activities. CLPNA’s online Record of Learning is accessible through LPN’s member login at

On the Registration Renewal application, you are required to confirm your completed learning; you will be expected to report on this learning, if you are chosen for CCP Validation. If you completed different Learning Objectives for 2016, change your Learning Plan to reflect the changes on your Registration Renewal application.

Questions? For more info on completing a Learning Plan, contact a Professional Development Consultant at, 780-484-8886, or 1-800-661-5877 (toll free in Alberta).