LPNs renewing registration by Nov 1 entered in $350 Contest


Ready, Click, Win! Renew Early & Win $350*

Licensed Practical Nurses will be automatically entered in a $350 draw if they complete their 2017 Registration Renewal Application by November 1.

The prize is a small token of appreciation to those LPNs who renew well before the December 1 Registration Renewal Deadline. CLPNA hopes it encourages more LPNs to renew in October. CLPNA Council is concerned about a significant increase in late Registration Renewals in recent years and recently increased the renewal fee to $400 if paid between December 2-31.

*Contest Entry Rules

The Ready, Click, Win! Contest prize is equivalent to an Active Registration Renewal Fee. To be eligible, members must submit a complete 2017 Registration Renewal Application (including payment) for an Active Practice Permit on or before November 1, 2016. Eligible members will be automatically entered. The winner will chosen by random selection and will be publicly announced.

Annual Registration Renewal

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Most Alberta LPNs renew their registration annually by December 31 in order to practice as a nurse in the following year. Only individuals with a current CLPNA Practice Permit are authorized to use the title “Licensed Practical Nurse” or “LPN”, or work as an LPN in Alberta, as per Section 43 of the Health Professions Act. Working as an LPN with an expired or invalid Practice Permit is considered unprofessional conduct and violation will subject the individual to disciplinary action, including fines of $500 and up.

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