Trauma-Informed Care for LPNs by ECDSS now on VIDEO

The consequences of trauma are far reaching and can be directly or indirectly linked to mental illness, addictions, chronic disease, suicide, and overall, a failure to thrive.

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta recently partnered with Early Childhood Development Support Services to host a professional development webinar focusing on Trauma Informed Care, which is now available as a video (above).

Every day, LPNs interact with people who have been affected by overwhelming stress or traumatic experiences. Traumatic experiences change a person and can create turmoil within a person and in their life. This is especially true if the trauma happens in childhood. Being aware of how common trauma is and what a trauma response might look like helps nurses adjust their practice in many ways – from how you approach people to the language you use.



Watch our YouTube video (above) and read Trauma-Informed Care in a Healthcare Setting from CARE magazine (below) to access resources Trauma-Informed Practice Guide and Trauma-Informed Toolkit.

Alberta Health Services

Alberta Health Services now offers resources designed for individuals who help those impacted by trauma to understand how to provide patient centred care. Access a wide array of learning activities such as an eLearning Module, Newsletter, Resources and Links.

Learning Network

Does this topic catch your interest? Study this topic further and listen to a previously-recorded webinar hosted by Learning Network (Violence Against Women) Trauma-Informed Practice with Indigenous Peoples across the Life Span.