Study with CLPNA: Diagnostic Tests & Laboratory Values Self-Study Course


Every Licensed Practical Nurse should understand the rationale for conducting specific diagnostic and laboratory tests when delivering care, as well as the implications of the results of those tests.

Diagnostic Tests & Laboratory Values Self-Study Course

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The new Diagnostic Tests & Laboratory Values Self-Study Course on Study with CLPNA lists common diagnostic and lab tests and values in an organized manner, with opportunities for participants to test their knowledge through short case studies and interactive quizzes. There is no cost to take this online, self-paced course.

The course includes four different learning modules, quizzes and learning apps to help you review and refresh your knowledge on this very important topic. A printable CLPNA Certificate of Completion is available upon passing the Final Exam.

This course is suitable to help LPNs meet the Learning Plan goals of CLPNA’s annual Continuing Competency Program.

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This self-study course was developed by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) to help meet the Strategic Plan goals under education and competence.

Questions? Contact CLPNA’s Professional Development Department at, 780-484-8886 or 1-800-661-5877 (toll free in Alberta).

16 Responses to “Study with CLPNA: Diagnostic Tests & Laboratory Values Self-Study Course”

  1. I was licensed IN Alberta as an LPN last year but moved back to NB where I am currently working as an LPN at a local hospital. Am I allowed to do the online learning modules through CLPNA even though I’m not registered this year in Alberta?

    • Yes! All of our ‘Study with CLPNA’ courses are open to anyone wishing to take them. We hope you find them valuable!

    • Hi Lori, you may have missed our answer above… yes, these courses are open to the public. You do not need to be registered with us to take them.

  2. i am an international nurse seeking for registration with the licensing body, pleasae can i join the course. secondly what steps can i take to be REGISTERED. Thanks
    Rose Edu

  3. Thank you CLPNA. I Finished the modules and passed they final exam . the certificate doesn’t indicate my name and the course that I have done. I entered my information but it wasn’t reflected on the certificate. How can I fix this..Thank you

    • We’re sorry to hear you’re encountering something unexpected. The Professional Development Department is looking into it and will follow up with you directly.

    • We welcome you to use this course towards your annual Learning Plan for the Continuing Competency Program. No, it’s not mandatory.

  4. I have just completed the course, and passed the final exam, but after entering my CLPNA # and name, my Certificate of Learning does not show my name, or the course completed.