Organization changes prepare CLPNA for the future


The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta has completed a significant organizational change effective January 15, 2018.

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Two new Executive Officers will provide leadership over day to day operations of all programs and services. The Practice and Communication portfolio has been split giving increased focus to each critical area. A Senior Director of Communications has been added and is responsible for strategic and innovative communication. These three positions with the CEO comprise the Executive Team.

Changes at the Director level include dedicating a Director to the area of Professional Practice and consolidating the portfolios of Policy and Research.

CEO Linda Stanger states, “These changes support an increased focus on key areas, creating synergies and opportunity both internally and with our stakeholders. I look forward to what we can create within this new structure.”


Tamara Richter, MBA, PMP, Executive Officer is responsible for registration, conduct, finance and human resource planning and management. Tamara holds a Masters in Business Administration and is a Project Management Professional with over 18 years’ experience in healthcare administration and leadership for the LPN profession. Previously as Director of Operations, she has specialized in the areas of human resources, information technology and privacy, project management and finance, and also has experience in conduct and registration. Tamara has directed and led multiple projects and initiatives which have contributed to the advancement of the CLPNA.



Jeanne Weis, MN, BN, RN, CHPCN (c), Executive Officer is responsible for professional practice, professional development, policy and research. Jeanne holds her Masters in Nursing and has worked in healthcare for over 20 years as an HCA, LPN and RN. Jeanne has practiced clinically in the areas of vascular surgery, gerontology, oncology, palliative care and community, in clinical and academic research, and in leadership capacities. Jeanne also has extensive experience in practical nurse education, including instruction, leadership and national examination. Her most recent work with CLPNA includes provincial, national and international initiatives in education, practice, policy and research.



Teresa Bateman, MA, LPN, Senior Director Communications is responsible for core communication messaging with integration of organizational brand, regulatory image and historical integrity. Teresa has almost 30 years of nursing experience, with the last 17 years in regulation. Teresa’s experience includes leadership, practice consultation, competency development, continuing competence and education approval. She has represented the LPN profession on provincial, national and international initiatives and holds a Masters of Arts in Professional Communication and a Certificate in Adult and Continuing Education.



Glenda Tarnowski, MA, LPN(OR), Director of Professional Practice is responsible for the strategic direction of the professional practice portfolio, advising stakeholders on regulation, restricted activities and scope of practice. Glenda has a lengthy career as an LPN, with clinical, non-clinical and specialized nursing practice and several years’ experience in professional consultation. She joined CLPNA in 2014 as Practice Consultant, collaborating throughout the health system with multiple stakeholders. Glenda recently completed a Masters of Arts in Leadership – Health specialization.



Leah Phillips, BA (Hons), MA, PhD, Director of Research and Policy is responsible for the strategic direction of the policy and research portfolios, ensuring an empirical evidence base for practice and policy-related decisions and initiatives. Dr. Phillips has 20 years of healthcare experience, including LPN practice in post-operative orthopedic surgery and psychiatry. Over the past 10 years, Leah served on several research advisory committees, supervised graduate students, published and reviewed scientific articles, and taught evidence based practice for healthcare professionals.


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Linda Stanger

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Teresa Bateman
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8 Responses to “Organization changes prepare CLPNA for the future”

  1. Yes, very proud and thankful to see a talented, educated, experienced, and hard working team of professionals who represent our nursing discipline.

  2. Northern Lakes College (NLC) is delighted to partner and congratulate your team for their competent, prudent and diligent work! Your collegiality, respect for others, dedication to professional practice and response to a changing health care system for the all Albertan’s is commendable.

    Thank- you CLPNA for your competent leadership in the educational processes for our Practical Nurse Students to support our Northern and Indigenous Communities at NLC.

    Dr.Harrison Applin PHD RN Dean Health

  3. Impressive representation! Let’s make our profession great and beyond reproach! All of us in the medical are important and we do make a difference!

  4. An amazing team of highly educated professionals, I’m so proud to be an LPN in Alberta – a very skilled profession.

  5. This professional team will move us to the future; I wish you all the best in your new roles.

  6. Highly qualified and professional team. Years of experience is undoubtedly an asset. Bravo!