Best practices for quality nursing documentation: policy


Documentation: A critical component of nursing practice. A complete record of care is required for communication and legal purposes. So, how can LPN’s ensure their documentation contains the essential elements and meets expectations?

The updated Practice Policy: Documentation lays out CLPNA’s expectations on Licensed Practical Nurses. It is intended to be flexible enough to allow for variations in employer policy and documentation methods, but comprehensive enough to meet LPN professional Standards of Practice and regulatory expectations.

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This policy includes several strategies to help ensure quality practices. Although it may not always seem that way, the accurate, complete and timely documentation of nursing care is as important as the care provided to clients. Additionally, in the event of a court proceeding, documentation protects practitioners by serving as vital evidence of that care.

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta asks all Licensed Practical Nurses to implement this important policy into their practice.

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