‘Getting to know you’: The 2018 CLPNA Member Survey explores LPN work-life for future supports


As part of the College of Licensed of Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA)’s commitment to support safe competent committed care to all Albertans, the organization is conducting a member survey. The 20-minute survey will be emailed to all practicing LPNs on Monday, July 30, and will be open throughout the month of August.

Members who complete the survey will be entered into a draw for a chance to receive one of four $250 Visa gift cards in appreciation.

The anonymous survey seeks a well-rounded understanding of an LPN’s work-life, and includes questions on demographics (age, gender, education, and family structure), practice environment, employment experiences, retention, and feelings of physical and emotional well-being.

The CLPNA hopes all LPNs will contribute to this valuable initiative. Since the last Member Survey was conducted in 2007, there have been many shifts in the profession’s demands that require continued support. Information from the survey will help the CLPNA better understand and support these current shifting issues and demands.

4 Responses to “‘Getting to know you’: The 2018 CLPNA Member Survey explores LPN work-life for future supports”

  1. We need to move forward to receive the support and respect we deserve, I have been offered different positions if I become an RN, why are we so diminished in our choices because of the politics, why can’t job offerings sometimes open up to both RN and LPN and may the best nurse win, yes theres a tiny few but not for travel nursing and occupational health and safety nursing etc etc etc so many corporate industries still stick to the RN only scope !

  2. My name is Temi, working in a Sub-acute and LTC facility with geriatric populations of Dementia patients is very challenging and overwhelming at times but doable. I have been working for 6 years now in both Acute sector and LTC facilities, 3 years as HCA and 3 years as LPN. Working full scope of practice as a nurse is great and empowering because was told before there was discrimination among RNs and LPNs which put great limitation to what LPNs can do but now with much training incorporated in LPNs scope of practice, LPNs too can now practice full scope maintaining CLPNA regulations. Working as a nurse involves showing heart of kindness, caring, being compassionate, accountable, responsible and fairness-not being judgmental at all time even when you don’t feel like or in the mood. It is our duty, our call to service to humanity to be happy and caring no matter what we are experiencing, we have to remain professional .

  3. I have been working for 45 yrs as a nurse have seen 3 name changes and a whole lot of changes in scope of practice. We would not be where we are without the support and perserverance of clpna and it’s members there are challenges ahead I was one of the past(retired from emerge in April) working at red deer emerg I think the survey will give us an idea of strengths and areas that need help