Month: October 2018

Relational Practice presented by course creator

Take your nursing to the next level through Relational Practice. Hundreds of Licensed Practical Nurses heard Melodie Hull share this information in two live webinars in September. Now the same content is available to everyone in a 35-minute video presentation with information and examples of Relational Practice directly related to LPN practice. This will help you: •…

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Webinar: End PJ Paralysis (Nov 20 or 22)

If patients stay in their pyjamas for longer than they need to, they have a higher risk of infection, loss of mobility, fitness and strength, and will ultimately stay in hospital longer. Having patients in their day clothes, rather than in pyjamas (PJs) or gowns, enhances dignity, autonomy and, in many instances, shortens their length…

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Recreational cannabis risks to LPNs addressed in Fact Sheet

NOTE: As of January 2020, recreational cannabis is now referred to as “non-medical cannabis” and the Info Sheet has been updated to reflect this change in language. The legalization of recreational cannabis on October 17, 2018 brings with it an additional consideration for healthcare professionals such as Alberta’s Licensed Practical Nurses: Whether personal cannabis usage…

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