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“Cultural expectations must be set aside when faced with the realities of medical care in a developing county.”

In our feature story, ‘Lessons from Assosa: Practical Nursing in Ethiopia’, a licensed practical nurse writes eloquently about her time in Ethiopia: the challenges, the learning and all that she gained from her experience.

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  • Bill 21 – Protecting patients from sexual abuse and sexual misconduct
  • LPN Practice Decision-Making Tool
  • Nursing with Heart: Harm Reduction
  • Orders and Protocols, Pseudo Prescribing and OTC Medications
  • Seeing the Whole Person: Complex Substance Abuse Disorders
  • Marni Panas – How to be a Better Nurse to the LGBTQS+ Community
  • 2019 CLPNA AGM and Conference
  • Palliative Care – Things Every Nurse Needs to Know
  • Finding Joy: Strategies for Meaningful Activity for patients with Dementia

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