End-of-Life Issues Explored in Palliative Care Video Series

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It’s true that every nurse will eventually have to understand end-of-life issues for someone, whether that’s a patient, a client or a loved one.

In this video series on Palliative Care, learn to identify the common issues, essential tools to provide best care, and professional resources for every nurse.

Presenter Kath Murray is a Certified Hospice Palliative Care Nurse, and holds a Masters Degree and is a Fellow in Thanatology (FT®). Her first book, Essentials in Palliative Care, was published in 2005.

These educational videos may be used as part of a CLPNA member’s annual learning for the Continuing Competence Program.

VIDEO 1:  Palliative Care – Essential Tools

Learn to:

  1. Define a palliative approach and discuss the challenges to integrating a palliative approach.
  2. Identify four essential tools to enhance care and communication.
  3. Identify three resources to support the integration of palliative care in practice.

VIDEO 2:  Palliative Care – Communication and Support

Learn to:

  1. identify best practice interactions.
  2. reflect on “personal best” moments.
  3. identify principles that might help in responding to difficult questions.

VIDEO 3:  Palliative Care – Dealing with Dyspnea

Learn to:

  1. Discuss the experience of dyspnea (difficulty breathing).
  2. Identify tools to assess dyspnea.
  3. Identify strategies to prevent dyspnea from occurring and/or escalating.
  4. Identify pharmacological and nonpharmacological ways to support individuals who experience dyspnea.

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13 Responses to “End-of-Life Issues Explored in Palliative Care Video Series”

  1. Thank you for the nursing informations on palliative care. It reinforces my skills on the dying patients and reopen again imy knowledge to be more and more compassionate lpn towards the client holistically not just on one health concern. Anyways its a huge wisdom to keep learning and integrating to my lpnpractice about Health care on palliative patients.

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this webinar. Very informative and helpful .

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this webinar. An additional knowledge that I could use at work in the LTC setting.

  4. Thank -you so much for the review. I did attend the webinars and gained knowledge and insight into palliative care.

  5. The topics are well explained, and I gained knowledge and insight into palliative care.

  6. This review was very helpful and broadened my knowledge in palliative care. I applied most of what was reviewed with my own personal care with my mother who passed away at home two months ago. There were many new things I learned that I can now apply with my own clients at work. Thank you for this webinar/review.

  7. Amazing videos and as a LPN who work in palliative unit theses videos help me to reinforce my skills, knowledge and communication with families.

  8. Thank you for these informative videos. Gain more insights and skills for my practice.