If you suddenly couldn’t speak for yourself, who would make medical decisions on your behalf?

As a nurse, understanding Advance Care Planning and Personal Directives, and how to use Goals of Care Directives and the Green Sleeve documents are important to providing quality care to your clients. They are also important personally.

Master these topics in the three-part video series on Advance Care Planning brought to you by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA).

These educational videos may be used as part of a CLPNA member’s annual learning for the Continuing Competence Program.

VIDEO 1:  Advance Care Planning and Personal Directives for LPNs

In this video:

  1. Learn the steps involved in the Advanced Care Planning process
  2. Be provided with tools to write your own Personal Directive
  3. Learn about legal and professional obligations that impact your nursing practice
  4. Discover why Personal Directives are key in providing patient centered care

VIDEO 2:  Advanced Care Planning – Understanding Goals of Care Designations (GCDS) and Conversations

In this video:

  1. Build understanding and confidence around interpreting GCDs.
  2. Explore the importance of Goals of Care conversations.
  3. Learn what nursing roles and responsibilities are around GCDs.

VIDEO 3:  Advanced Care Planning – Green Sleeve Documents and Processes

In this video:

  1. Learn processes related to Personal Directives and GCD order forms.
  2. Learn nursing roles and responsibilities in documenting on the ACPGCD Tracking Record.
  3. Discover what the Green Sleeve is, why it is important, and what we need to ensure patients/clients know about it.

QUESTIONS? Contact the CLPNA’s Professional Development Department at ASK, 780-484-8886 or 1-800-661-5877 (toll free in Alberta).


  1. I am really glad about video 1,2,3 on subject: Advanced care Planning since I missed the Webinar that was presented earlier. It is very useful for me in my facility since I do send clients to the hospital most of the times. I will definitely review the green sleeve with the documents that should be in it.
    Thank you very much.

  2. Very significant information that helped me understand advance care planning, personal directive , goals of care and green sleeve especially if you’re not R1- applied personally and as LPN.

  3. Very great information this video expanded my knowledge regarding ACP/GCD and I definitely apply personal and my workplace within my scope of practice