Month: August 2019

Conduct & Responsibility: What is a complaint?

Over 200 LPNs or about 1% of the CLPNA’s membership experienced a formal complaint of unprofessional conduct in 2018. With so few experiencing these allegations, many may wonder about the disciplinary process. What is a complaint, and who can make one? What standards are LPNs held to? And what’s the responsibility of the CLPNA in…

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The CLPNA’s 7th Annual Think Tank – Empowering the Health System for Excellence

The Council of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) is pleased to host the 7th Annual Think Tank on October 3 in Edmonton. “Planning for the Future: Empowering the Health System for Excellence” features local, national and international experts speaking on leading edge changes and initiatives to transform our health system to achieve…

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Hearing Notice: Bailey-Jane Petrov #36512

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta is responsible under the Health Professions Act for protecting the public from unethical, unskilled, and unsafe nursing practice. Under this authority, some complaints of unprofessional conduct result in a formal Hearing before a Hearing Tribunal, consisting of LPNs appointed by Council and public members appointed by government….

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