Immunization Course Equips LPNs for Flu Season & Beyond

(UPDATED February 2, 2021 – Video Updated) 

Coming soon… is flu season. Eventually, and hopefully, a vaccine for the novel coronavirus COVID-19 will be ready to administer. Now is the time for Licensed Practical Nurses to become educated to vaccinate in Alberta.

LPN scope of practice related to immunization, the administration of vaccines and biologic products for the purpose of providing immunizations to those five years of age and older, is considered an entry-level practice requirement as of February 2020. This means that students will be receiving this education in their program prior to graduation.

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For current LPNs, those who had the CLPNA’s former Immunization Specialization (available before February 2020) are permitted to continuing practicing in this area.

LPNs who did not have the CLPNA’s Immunization Specialization and who want to perform this activity are required to complete additional learning, such as the CLPNA’s Immunization Module. (This additional education is only required for LPNs who wish to immunize.)

Self-Study Immunization Module

The CLPNA provides a free, online self-study Immunization Module for members at (See below for how to access this module.)

Course content includes:

  • Understanding national and provincial immunization guidelines and related CLPNA standards of practice.
  • Indications, contraindications, procedural steps, and potential adverse effects.
  • Common immunizing and biological products and vaccine viability.

By 2022, new Alberta graduates will have received this education in their base program.

Accessing the Module

To access this learning module, the CLPNA’s registrants should login to their myCLPNA account:

This module is not available to non-registrants.

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For questions, please contact the CLPNA’s Professional Practice Team at Ask CLPNA,, 780-484-8886 or 1-800-661-5877 (toll-free in Alberta).

10 Responses to “Immunization Course Equips LPNs for Flu Season & Beyond”

    • There is no ‘subscription’ to take this education. It is available for free to the CLPNA’s registrants. Registrants can access the education module by logging into their account at

  1. Can I take the course as a refresher as I did it some year ago and have it cited on my License

    • HI Sharon, if you feel taking the Immunization Module would improve your practice, you may absolutely do so. If you’ve already obtained the CLPNA’s former Immunization Specialization, you are already authorized to immunize.

    • The Immunization Module is currently available. See the bottom of this article for instructions on how to login.

  2. is there a way to print out all the required reading, does a PDf exist. its easier for me to read from paper on the go than seated at a computer

    • The CLPNA’s educational modules use our new learning management system which is optimized for online, interactive instruction. We do not have any print-based materials for the Immunization Module.

    • It is the LPNs professional responsibility to access their own competence to determine if they are competent to practice. Depending on the LPNs level of competence and confidence they may need to augment this learning by seeking additional education, employment training/clinical practice, employer support and ongoing mentorship.