CPSI releases Safety Competencies Framework

This World Patient Safety Day (Sept 17), consider the many diverse elements that must converge to ensure patient safety.

One element is the commitment to public protection reflected in the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta’s (CLPNA) participation with the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI) to update the safety competencies to support a safe healthcare system and a culture of safety across the spectrum of care.

Another is the Canadian Patient Safety Institute’s (CPSI) 2020 Safety Competencies Framework (2nd Edition), released in September. It provides a simple and flexible framework that enables the defined competencies to be adopted and adapted by diverse healthcare programs in their curriculum design and is a valuable resource to policymakers and regulators alike.

The concepts presented in the Framework are reflected to the CLPNA’s Competency Profile for LPNs (5th Edition) to support patient safety and ensure the public receives competent, ethical healthcare services by Alberta LPNs.

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The CLPNA’s mandate is to protect Alberta healthcare users through regulation of the profession of Licensed Practical Nurses.