Increased Public Representation on the CLPNA’s Council


On April 1, 2021, the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta’s (CLPNA) Council commences with a new composition of Council membership. The Council is the governing body of the CLPNA and previously consisted of an LPN president, seven elected regulated members, and three appointed public members.

The change in council composition is in response to Bill 30 of the Health Statutes Amendment Act passed in July 2020. The Act requires all health professional regulatory colleges in Alberta to increase public member representation from 25 percent to 50 percent of the total council membership. Public members are selected and appointed by the provincial government and the remaining are appointment-based regulated LPN members.

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CLPNA’s Council Composition (as of April 1, 2021)

Six public members:

  • Larry Fitchner (new appointment, 2-year term)
  • Linda Osinchuk (new appointment, 3-year term)
  • Crystal Phillips (new appointment, 3-year term)
  • John Chapman (reappointed until March 2023)
  • Lisa Stebbins (continuing term until replacement)
  • Austin Mardon (continuing term until replacement)

Six regulated members:

  • President, Valerie Paice
  • Vice President, Kurtis Kooiker
  • Ashley Cesar
  • Sherry Kanerek
  • Joyce Rossiter
  • Tiffany Smith

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The Council extends a sincere thank you to Jean Collins and Jennifer Peace, for their extended service during the transition as their terms are coming to an end. Additionally, three of the remaining regulated members’ terms will conclude in August 2021, with this comes the opportunity for LPNs to apply to serve on Council.

Highlights of changes to the Council and Bylaws due to Bill 30

The Council has completed extensive work to develop and update the Bylaws, board competencies, and an application process for regulated members who wish to apply to serve on Council. The CLPNA’s Bylaws outline the council members terms, transition plan, appointment committee, and other requirements. More details can be found on the CLPNA’s website for Council updates, Bylaws, and application details.

Electoral DistrictsMove from District Elected Council to an Appointed-based Council

As announced in December, the Council passed a motion to discontinue district elections and move to an appointed-based council composition. Under the updated Bylaws, regulated members on the Council represent the Province of Alberta as a whole. More details of the transition from elections to an appointed-based Council can be found in the Bylaws available on the CLPNA website.

Competency Based Appointment

Each Council Member brings a unique perspective; however, there are key skills and abilities that will enhance the functioning of the Council so that it can perform its legislated mandate. Council Members should, individually or collectively, possess the core competencies and skills. The Council approved a Competency Matrix to outline the core competencies and skills set out in the following table.

Application Process

The application process for the upcoming Council positions will commence in April 2021 with an application deadline of early May. Regulated members must submit a complete application package to the CLPNA. The Appointment Committee will review the applications and provide recommendations to the Council at their June meeting. 

Appointment Committee

The Appointment Committee are responsible to review applications for regulated member Council appointments, interview candidates, and recommend appointments of regulated members to the Council.

Council members are responsible for the governance of the CLPNA and the oversight of the CLPNA’s management of its business and affairs. Serving on Council as a regulated member is a valuable opportunity for LPNs to support public protection as trusted leaders in healthcare.

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