New Policies: Conditions on a Practice Permit & Actively Engaged Requirements

When a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) applies for registration or renewal, one of the assessments of the application is to determine the suitability of the LPN to practice. It is possible that conditions be placed on a practice permit so that an LPN can practice or continue to practice under specified parameters.

Reasons an LPN may have a condition placed on their practice permit include low practice hours, a need to demonstrate English language proficiency, and being part of a criminal proceeding. Conditions placed on a practice permit include, but are not limited to, practicing under supervision, providing documentation for English language proficiency, and informing the Registrar or designate of the status of criminal charges and proceedings. More information can be found in the policy on Conditions on a Practice Permit at Registration or Renewal.

Additionally, there is a new Policy on Actively Engaged Requirements for Registration and the Continuing Competence Program which replaces the Registration Requirements: Actively Engaged and Practice Hours policies.

The new policy establishes and clarifies the CLPNA’s interpretation of the criteria of “actively engaged” in practice. This policy clarifies the actively engaged requirements for general registration under the Licensed Practical Nurses Profession Regulation, and outlines how current regulated members demonstrate they are actively engaged by meeting the practice hour requirement in the Continuing Competence Program.

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