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“First and foremost, family caregivers help to sustain care in the community. The kind of care they provide, if they were not available – the healthcare system could not go on. Think of all the care-related activities family caregivers provide!”

Dr. Jasneet Parmar

The feature story, ‘Caregiver-Centered Care’, explains how supporting family caregivers can have incredible impact on the system and how LPNs can incorporate competencies into their practice to become caregiver-centered care champions.

Discover more in the spring-summer issue of the CLPNA’s CARE magazine, sharing healthcare news for and about Alberta’s Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs).


  • How Healthcare Regulation Connects to Professional Practice
  • WEBside Manner: Virtual Care Resources
  • How to Manage Anxiety During COVID-19
  • Regulatory Spotlight: Mandatory Module on Restricted Activities
  • Alberta’s Opioid Crisis: An Ongoing Public Health Concern
  • CLPNA 2020 Year in Numbers


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Published bi-annually by the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA), CARE is distributed to over 18,000 health professionals in Alberta including Licensed Practical Nurses, LPN employers, education facilities, government, stakeholders and Canadian LPN regulators.

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