The CLPNA’s Council and Leadership Announcements

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) is excited to announce upcoming changes to the CLPNA Council. The Council is the governing body of the CLPNA and is made up of six public members and six regulated members, bringing different perspectives and experiences together to provide strategic direction to the CLPNA.

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New Council Appointments – September 2021

In September, President Kurtis Kooiker, Vice-President Ashley Cesar, and new Council member David Haastrup will begin their terms on the CLPNA’s Council. Council members in new roles will serve a two- or three-year term starting on September 1, 2021.

Upcoming CLPNA Council President Kurtis Kooiker has previously served as Council Vice-President and will now be stepping into the President role for the approaching term. Kurtis is coming into the position with LPN and practical nurse instructor experience, along with previous board and council experience. Kurtis is looking to continue to regulate the LPN profession to support public protection while empowering LPN’s to always strive to be the best they can in their practice.

Upcoming CLPNA Vice-President Ashley Cesar has also previously served on the Council and will now be stepping into the Vice-President position. She brings years of experience as both an LPN in clinical practice and as a practical nurse instructor to the role. Ashley is passionate about quality education for LPNs that supports safe, competent, and ethical practice.   

David Haastrup will be new to the Council this coming term and has previously served on CLPNA Committees. His experience as an LPN and General Manager for a long-term care facility will add to Council competencies and bring a new perspective.

The CLPNA Council will also be saying goodbye to former President Valerie Paice. In her nine years on Council, with five years as President, Valerie has made a significant impact at the CLPNA and in LPN regulation in Alberta. The CLPNA is grateful for her years of leadership and passionate service to the CLPNA. Thank you, Valerie.

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The CLPNA Staff Updates

New Executive Officer

On September 7, Laura Schneider will be joining the CLPNA as Executive Officer, Registration and Education. Laura brings extensive health and education experience through serving 35 years with the Government of Alberta. Laura has facilitated the development of educational requirements for many health disciplines and professions, and she was a key contributor in the development, implementation, and revision of the Health Professions Act. She was also a key contributor in the development of the Health Care Aide (HCA) provincial competency profile and provincial curriculum and in revising HCA licensing policies and standards. Laura is an incredible addition to the team, and the CLPNA looks forward to working with her. 

Title Change for Two CLPNA Leaders

The Health Professions Act requires that regulatory college Councils appoint a Registrar, and this position is fundamentally important in carrying out administrative responsibilities, overseeing complaints, and performing other critical duties within the CLPNA. The CLPNA will be combining the role of CEO and Registrar and introducing a new title of Deputy Registrar. With this change in leadership structure, there will be two upcoming title changes for CLPNA staff leadership. Jeanne Weis will now hold the title of CEO and Registrar, and Melanie Therrien will now hold the title of Deputy Registrar, Director Registration and Competence.

About Council

Council members are responsible for the governance of the CLPNA and the oversight of the CLPNA’s management of its business and affairs. Serving on Council as a regulated member is a valuable opportunity for LPNs to support public protection as trusted leaders in healthcare.


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