Month: January 2022

Hearing Notice: Lindsay Azure #28803

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta is responsible under the Health Professions Act for protecting the public from unethical, unskilled, and unsafe nursing practice. Under this authority, some complaints of unprofessional conduct result in a formal Hearing before a Hearing Tribunal, consisting of LPNs appointed by Council and public members appointed by government….

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Webinar: Connecting Regulation to LPN Professional Practice (Feb. 8 & 10)

The purpose of regulation is to ensure that regulated healthcare providers, such as Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs), practice in a safe, competent, and ethical manner. The way LPNs connect their regulatory responsibilities to their nursing practice is of utmost importance. Professionalism requires that LPNs demonstrate professional standards when providing nursing care and collaborating with patients,…

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Basic & Advanced Foot Care

Assessing a patient’s feet is part of a comprehensive head to toe assessment and is vital to ensuring optimal health outcomes for a patient. The assessment of a patient’s feet may indicate abnormalities or an underlying disease process such as those involving complications with the heart, liver, kidneys, deficits in self care, nutritional disorders, systemic…

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