Registrant Engagement – Notice of Redaction and Consultation

The CLPNA shares with registrants any changes to standards that occurs, related to the LPN profession in Alberta, so that registrants are aware of the changes and have an opportunity to provide comments on such changes.

This communication is intended to advise LPNs in Alberta of the redaction of the Perioperative Standards (2010), and the removal of any mention of these standards within other CLPNA documents including within the Standards of Practice on Restricted Activities and Advanced Practice and the CLPNA Competency Profile 5th Ed. (2020).

CLPNA registrants are asked to provide any comments regarding the redaction of Perioperative Standards (2010) and removal of the mention of these standards in CLPNA documents. Responses will be anonymized, reviewed, summarized, and shared with required CLPNA staff and Council. Your participation is voluntary and individual responses will be kept confidential.  

This survey is now closed.

Thank you for your time. Your review and feedback are greatly appreciated.