Feedback on Updated LPN Code of Ethics

On Nov 24, 2022, the Canadian Council for Practical Nurse Regulators (CCPNR) launches its survey to validate the Updated Code of Ethics.

The consultation and validation survey provides an opportunity for all Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and interested stakeholders to anonymously share their views on the proposed draft. The feedback will be used to finalize the document before being approved by the CCPNR’s Board for launch in 2023.


The Code of Ethics for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) articulates six fundamental principles that govern LPN practice and inform the LPN’s professional identity. LPNs are held accountable to uphold each of these principles. The principles serve to guide LPNs’ reflections and decision-making across all areas of practice, inform the public about the ethical values and responsibilities of the LPN profession, and convey the profession’s commitment to client safety and public protection. (For the purposes of this document, in Ontario the term “licensed practical nurse” also refers to “registered practical nurse.”)

The Code of Ethics addresses concepts such as cultural humility, respect for the inherent dignity and rights of clients, colleagues and LPNs; promotion of optimal health and well-being; trauma-informed practice and harm reduction; client autonomy and self-determination; care that is competent and safe; and equity of access to care for all clients.


In 2021, CCPNR embarked to update its Code of Ethics:

  • A literature review, key informant interviews, and focus groups collected rich information.
  • LPNs in many areas of practice and roles were invited to reflect individually and in small groups on ethical decision-making in everyday practice in communities across Canada.
  • Representatives of some associations specific to LPN practice areas also participated in consultations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the survey anonymous and confidential?

Yes, responses will be analyzed and reported to CCPNR in summary form only. The survey collects no personal information that could be used to identify a respondent. (If you include any personal information about you or others in open text fields, we may need to remove and destroy your responses to safeguard everyone’s privacy.)

Does the survey seek responses from a wide and diverse audience?

Yes, we are promoting the survey to all LPNs and interested stakeholders. We have also included demographic questions so we can gauge respondents’ diversity.

Is the survey software accessible for people with disabilities?

Yes, it meets current accessibility requirements. For difficulties, please contact us and we will be happy to provide the survey in an available format that works better for you.

Can I take a break and resume the survey later?

Yes, if you cannot complete the survey at once, you can exit and resume later by using the same survey link and same device you used the first time (computer, tablet, or smartphone).

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