Consultation: Standards of Practice on Boundary Violations

An update has been made to the Standards of Practice on Boundary Violations: Protecting Patients from Sexual Abuse and Sexual Misconduct. This update aligns with the recent amendment to the Health Professions (Protecting Women and Girls) Amendment Act, 2022 that strengthened provincial laws banning female genital mutilation in Alberta. Moreover, there were editorial changes and added definitions to the document to enhance clarity surrounding boundary violations.

This document is now available for feedback prior to it being finalized for the profession. Please access the registrant consultation survey here:

Standards of Practice are part of the overall legislative framework that governs the LPN profession in Alberta. They provide the minimum standard of behaviour that LPNs are expected to meet in their nursing practice. The CLPNA shares any changes to standards related to the LPN profession in Alberta with registrants and provides the opportunity comment on such changes.

If you have questions, please contact the Professional Practice Team at Ask CLPNA, or by phone at 780- 484- 8886 or 1-800-661-5877 (toll free in Alberta).