Council Members

The Council is the governing body of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA).

The Council consists of Regulated Members (appointed in accordance with the Bylaws), Public Members (appointed by the Lieutenant Governor in Council pursuant to the Health Professions Act), and non-voting or ex officio members of Council (as set out in the Bylaws).

The President, elected by Council from the Regulated Members of Council, and the Vice President, elected by Council from the remaining Regulated Members or Public Members, provide leadership.

The Council is responsible for the governance of the CLPNA and the oversight of the CLPNA’s management of its business and affairs. The Council guides the strategic direction, evaluates the performance of the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), and approves and monitors the CLPNA’s objectives, including administrative budget and financial results.

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2021 Council Updates

CLPNA Council President Kurtis Kooiker previously served as Council Vice-President and begins his term as President on September 1, 2021. Kurtis is coming into the position with LPN and practical nurse instructor experience, along with previous board and council experience. Kurtis is looking to continue to regulate the LPN profession to support public protection.

CLPNA Vice-President Ashley Cesar previously served on the Council and begins her term as the Vice-President on Sept 1, 2021. Ashley brings years of experience as both an LPN in clinical practice and as a practical nurse instructor to the role. Ashley is passionate about quality education for LPNs that supports safe, competent, and ethical practice.

The CLPNA Council thanks former President Valerie Paice for her years of leadership and passionate service to the CLPNA. In her nine years on Council, with five years as President, Valerie has made a significant impact at the CLPNA and in LPN regulation in Alberta.

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Kurtis Kooiker, LPN

President, Regulated Member

Ashley Cesar, LPN

Vice President, Regulated Member

Chloe Kilkenny, LPN

Regulated Member

Jennifer Peace, LPN

Regulated Member

Tiffany Smith, LPN

Regulated Member

David Haastrup, LPN

Regulated Member

John Chapman

Public Member

Austin Mardon

Public Member

Linda Osinchuk

Public Member

Public Member, to be appointed

Lisa Stebbins

Public Member

Colleen Sekura

Public Member