Complaint Process for Regulated Members

The College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) is charged with the responsibility of protecting the public from unethical, unskilled or unsafe nursing practice.

Complaints against LPNs

The Health Professions Act (HPA), Part 4, Professional Conduct, defines and outlines the complaint process that must be followed by the Complaints Director (or designate) when a LPN’s conduct or competence has come into question.

It is important to understand CLPNA’s role as the regulator of the LPN profession is separate from any other employment or union processes that might take place. It is CLPNA’s responsibility as a regulator to review the concerns that were raised in order to ensure that the public remains protected and that the LPN’s practice and conduct meets the competencies, standards and ethics expected of an LPN practicing in Alberta.

Mandatory Self-Reporting to CLPNA

The duty to report accountabilities of LPNs also includes mandatory self-reporting . This is a requirement the registration process and the information is to be updated throughout the year as necessary. Individuals seeking initial registration with the CLPNA and regulated members renewing their registration are required to report to the CLPNA:

  • Whether they are under investigation, the subject of a proceeding, or have been disciplined by another regulatory body or legislative body (ie. Protection for Person in Care).
  • Whether they have been charged or have pleaded guilty or found guilty for a criminal offence for which a pardon has not been granted.
  • Whether they have any physical or mental condition or disorder that may impair the ability to provide safe, competent and ethical care, and whether they are under medical care and following medical advice.

Complete guidance is provided in CLPNA’s Interpretive Document: Duty to Report.

Contacting the Complaints Department

The Complaints Department is available to help you understand the process and how it applies to your situation. Call 780-484-8886 or toll free in Alberta 1-800-661-5877.

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** Disclaimer – The Complaint webpages contain information for consideration by all parties involved in the complaint process under the HPA. It does not however, imply or cannot be interpreted as implying legal opinion or advice. As such and if necessary, individuals should seek their own independent advice for issues related to the complaint process. **