Employer Verification of LPNs

Employer Login to verify LPNs

Authorized personnel (human resources, managers, etc.) can sign up for Employer Verification of LPNs to confirm the current or future registration status of Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) employees at your facility using a single list.

For each LPN listed, the following information will be available:

  • LPN Name
  • CLPNA Registration Number
  • Current & future Practice Permit expiry date
  • Advanced Authorization for areas of advanced practice (formerly LPN Specialties)
  • Registration/discipline conditions

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Employment information is only as accurate as reported by the member. If an LPN employee does not appear in your list, this is because they have not updated their CLPNA member profile accurately. Please encourage employees to update their member profile, so that your list is more inclusive.

Results cannot be filtered by Unit or Department.

No login? No time to wait for one? Verify individual LPNs immediately using the CLPNA’s Public Registry of LPNs.

Sign up for Employer Login

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If you require access to several facilities, please list them under “Facility Name(s)”.



Employer Verification of LPNs