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Are You Ready to Renew Your Registration?

Make your registration renewal process easier by preparing ahead of time.

Contact 780-484-8886 or email the Registration Department for more details about Registration Renewal.

Do you remember your user ID (email address) and password?

You can reset your password at any time. Note that the CLPNA does not have access to account passwords.

Have you set up 2-step verification?

To enhance our security, the CLPNA is instituting 2-step verification as part of your login to myCLPNA.

Do you have your pay stubs?

You will need to refer to pay stubs to report your practice hours for 2023, including the number of hours you expect to work until December 31 this year.

Have you selected your insurance provider?

LPNs are now required to obtain their own insurance separate from their registration renewal fees. You can use the direct link provided during registration renewal or select your own provider. Learn more about insurance requirements.

Have you completed your learning activities?

You must report at least two learning competencies that you completed in 2023. Your learning plan can be revised to reflect changes in your activities and goals.

Do you know what your 2024 learning plan will be?

You will need to develop a learning plan based on self-assessment and your learning goals. This learning plan can be updated at any time throughout the year. For 2024, you will base your learning plan on the Standards of Practice. Learn more about the Continuing Competence Program.

Questions About Registration?

Contact Registration through Ask CLPNA
or call 1-800-661-5877.