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New Self-Study Module: Advanced Caregiver-Center Care

Caregiver-centered care is person-centered care for family caregivers. It involves acknowledging the importance of caregivers within the healthcare team and building collaborative relationships between health professionals and family caregivers. Caregivers often help in carrying out a client’s care plan day to day and have a great deal of knowledge of the client’s symptoms, routine, and care needs. They can support professionals in providing safe and competent care. 

Integrating caregiver-centered care into LPN practice means bringing a person-centered approach to working with family caregivers. Research has shown that well-supported family caregivers provide better care for care-recipients. 

The Caregiver-Centered Care: Advanced Caregiver Centered Care course takes an in-depth look at the importance of assisting family caregivers in navigating health and community care systems. This instruction challenges nurses to reflect on their own professional practice and seek ways to be more effective in assisting and mentoring family caregivers to find and access the resources they need. 

LPNs deal directly with caregivers and are in a unique position to help recognize, respond, and refer to the needs of caregivers. This module provides the baseline knowledge and skills required to interact with family caregivers in all settings. (Caregiver’s own home, community, and healthcare). 

NOTE: This is a supplementary module to theCaregiver-Centered Care Foundational Learning CLPNA Learning Module.  


This free and interactive online learning module is suitable to assist LPNs in meeting the Learning Plan goals of the CLPNA’s  Continuing Competence Program. 

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