Marketing involves the ability to identify your professional and personal qualities, attributes, and expertise so that you can effectively communicate what you have to offer and why you are the best person for the service that needs to be delivered.


This activity is on a PDF document. You may print out this document and complete it on paper, or you can complete it on your computer. If you complete this document on your computer, remember to save it to your local computer or you may lose your work.

Marketing Resources

Resume Tips (PDF)

Interviewing Tips (PDF)

Coaching and Mentoring (PDF)

Resume Resources

If you need assistance with resumes and cover letters, these samples can assist you.

Sample Chronological Resume (PDF)

Sample Functional Resume (PDF)

Sample Cover Letter (PDF)

Additional Resources

Career Assistance Information for New Graduate Nurses – Advice to nurses by HealthForceOntario.

Introduction to and Expectations for Resumes – Resume style advice from Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab.

ALIS Resume Review Service