A strategic career plan is a blueprint for action and consists of the identification of goals, action steps, resources, timelines and evaluation of success. By creating a plan, you begin to move and to make decisions.


This activity is on a PDF document. You may print out this document and complete it on paper, or you can complete it on your computer. If you complete this document on your computer, remember to save it to your local computer or you may lose your work.

Additional Resources

As you begin the planning process to work toward your vision, you may want to begin with determining how much time and education your vision requires.


Continuing education options vary: types of courses, locations and methods (classroom/online).

CLPNA’s Continuing Education

Popular post-basic LPN courses and educators

CLPNA’s LPN Specializations

Immunization, Renal Dialysis, Advanced Orthopedics, and Operating Room.

Study with CLPNA

Free online courses from the CLPNA.

CLPNA’s Other Programs

Ask someone working in the area you are interested. They may have great information on how to plan for this career.


When you are planning your career, financial resources may be required to reach your career goals. Many organizations have Bursaries and Scholarships some suggestions are listed.

Fredrickson-McGregor Education Foundation for LPNs

Education grants, bursaries and awards for Licensed Practical Nurses residing in Alberta.