LPN Specializations

Licensed Practical Nurses in Alberta must be educated and authorized to practice in the Specialty Practice areas of Immunization, Renal Dialysis, Advanced Orthopedics, Perioperative, and Advanced Foot Care. Discover our list of approved courses and how to obtain CLPNA authorization for specializations below.

DOWNLOAD Practice Policy: Specialized Practice Areas

The Practice Policy: Authorized Restricted Activities for Licensed Practical Nurses describes:

  • basic restricted activities (such as invasive procedures below the dermis & more)
  • specialized restricted activities (the five LPN Specializations)
  • supervision requirements
  • guidance for students and learners

DOWNLOAD Practice Policy: Authorized Restricted Activities for LPNs

Approved Courses

The Council of the College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA) approves Advanced Education for Licensed Practical Nurse Specialty Practice in the following areas: Orthopedic, Perioperative, Renal Dialysis, Immunization and Advanced Foot Care.

  • ADVANCED FOOT CARE – LPNs who practice Advanced Foot Care must complete education to practice these competencies. The current status of programs is listed:


How to get CLPNA Authorization for Specializations

Once an LPN completes approved education, they MUST complete the following steps prior to practicing the Specialty:

DOWNLOAD Specialization Authorization Application

  1. Complete and submit the Specialization Authorization Application, and
  2. Send a copy of their certificate of completion to CLPNA (photograph and email to info@clpna.com, or scan and fax to 780-484-9069).

LPNs are not fully authorized and not covered by LPN insurance for specialized practice until it is approved by CLPNA. Once approved, the Specialization will be listed on the LPN’s Practice Permit and the Public Registry of LPNs. Then, the LPN may practice the specialty.

Questions? Contact info@clpna.com, 1-800-661-5877 (toll free in Alberta), or 780-484-8886.