Professional Liability Insurance

When Alberta LPNs complete their annual renewal during the period of October 10 – December 30, 2023, they will be required to obtain and pay for professional liability insurance that meets the minimum requirements established by CLPNA Bylaws.

Why Is This Changing?

Provisions in Bill 46 prohibit regulatory colleges like the CLPNA from engaging in “association functions.” One of these association functions is obtaining liability insurance on behalf of registrants.

Professional liability insurance, also known as “malpractice insurance,” has a dual purpose: it protects the professional and safeguards the public interest.

Colleges are required to ensure that their registered professionals have professional liability insurance. However, professionals need to obtain this insurance separately from their college registration fees.

How Will This Change the Registration Renewal Process?

Previously, professional liability insurance was included as part of the CLPNA’s registration renewal fees. In the coming renewal period, LPNs will be required to obtain and pay for insurance separate from the renewal process. LPNs can meet this requirement in one of two ways.

Option One: Use the Direct Link

During your renewal, the CLPNA will provide a link where you can optionally select and pay for a plan from Lloyd Sadd that has been designed to meet our minimum coverage requirements.

Learn more about this plan

Option Two: Select Your Own Provider

You will also have the option of selecting a plan with the insurance provider of your choice, providing the plan meets the CLPNA’s minimum requirements.

What Are the Requirements for Professional Liability Insurance?

The CLPNA requires the following minimum coverage for medical malpractice liability insurance:

  1. general malpractice coverage of up to $2,000,000 per claim and up to $5,000,000 for all claims against a registrant in a single year.
  2. disciplinary expenses coverage up to $50,000 per year (e.g. coverage for lawyers fees during conduct proceedings.

In addition, insurance coverage must also meet the following requirements:

  • Insurance must be held personally by registrants. You cannot use insurance provided to you by your employer.
  • The insurance must apply specifically to LPN practice. If you are registered with another college, you must have a separate policy for that profession.
  • You must carry the insurance throughout their registration year and notify the CLPNA if you cancel your insurance.
  • You must provide evidence of insurance at the time of renewal or at any other time if requested by the CLPNA.